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WordPress 101: 10 Essential WordPress Tips For Beginners

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jan 20, 2016
Kevin Fouche

Although WordPress is one of the best web site publishing platforms available, the many features available to WordPress users can make starting a WordPress site feel overwhelming in the beginning. Fortunately, by following a few basic guidelines, it’s possible to master the learning curve and enjoy building your site on WordPress.

WordPress Tips For Beginners

Here are our 10 essential WordPress tips for beginners.

10 Essential WordPress Tips For Beginners

1. Choosing the right domain name

There are several options when it comes to domain names, and the best name will depend on your website’s ultimate purpose. If you want a simple, free domain for a personal blog or another similar project, then you can easily choose a name with the format www.[yourwebsite].wordpress.com. Otherwise, you may wish to purchase your own domain name, which will allow you to forego the “.wordpress” tag behind your site’s name. In either case, it’s beneficial to choose a domain name that’s short and relevant to your site’s content. 

2. Picking a plan that meets your needs

WordPress offers a variety of support plans with varying features. Before you begin building your site, take some time to think about your budget and decide which features and level of support are right for your purposes. 

3. Crafting your landing page

Your landing page is the first page that your site visitors see, and you’ll want to put some thought into making it engaging and easy to navigate. It’s often a good idea to have an organised menu somewhere on your landing page as a way to make the rest of the site easily accessible. 

4. Backing up your site

You’ll be dedicating a lot of time and energy to your WordPress site, and backing up your content is an important way to ensure that your valuable content won’t be lost. There are many plugins available that will back up your site for you, including Updraft Plus, VaultPress, BackupBuddy, and many others. 

5. Getting familiar with analytics

Installing an analytics service such as Google Analytics will let you see who your web visitors are, and how they’re finding your site. This can help you visualise your site’s growth and decide how to most effectively market your site. 

6. Improving your site’s SEO

Improving your website’s Search Engine optimisation, or SEO, makes it easier for web crawlers to find and index your website. This means that your site will rank better in search engine results, making it much easier to find. You can improve your site’s SEO by consistently adding quality content and using relevant keywords for your site titles and descriptions. 

7. Connecting to social networks

Sharing your site’s content on social networks is an effective way to build your audience. Several WordPress themes automatically add social media buttons to your site, making it easy for your visitors to share your content. 

8. Simplifying permalinks

Permalinks are the web addresses that link to your website’s content. It’s important to keep your permalinks titles simple and relevant to the linked content. 

9. Setting up your site’s security

Aside from attracting your target audience, your site will undoubtedly attract a variety of spam and other unwanted attention. Installing plugins such as Akismet will help protect your site. 

10. Finding the right plugins

In addition to the plugins mentioned above, there are many starter plugins available that can improve your WordPress experience. One popular starter plugin is Jetpack, which provides several features including security, analytics, and contact forms. 

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