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5 Reasons Why Running an Online Business Has Become So Appealing

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Sep 24, 2015
Kevin Fouche

The Digital Age has become a modern Gold Rush. In some ways it's better than the Gold Rush. The income possibilities with an online business are practically endless.

But it's more than just the income potential. Here are five reasons why running an online business has become so appealing.

5 Reasons Why Running an Online Business Has Become So Appealing

5 reasons why running an online business has become so appealing.

1. The Convenience of Working Anywhere

No more commutes. No more traffic jams. No stuffy, windowless offices. You can, quite literally, work at the beach if you want, if you live in a coastal city -- though many will find themselves starting at base camp: their home or apartment.

And although working at home can certainly have its own challenges, the advantage of running an online business is clear: you can choose where you work and you can shape the environment to fit your strengths.

2. The Flexibility of Setting Your Own Schedule

Some scientists have claimed like in this Telegraph article -- that certain gene mutations make us predisposed to being "night owls" or people who stay up late. Whether or not the science is proven, the truth is obvious: some people are just not great in the morning because they thrive in the late night hours.

The 9 to 5 grind does not care, however, whether someone is a morning person. Running your own online business allows you to dodge that rigidity and craft your work life around your hours of peak performance, whether that's 3am or 2pm.

3. No More Bosses (Except Yourself)

In this revealing Forbes article, statistics show that 31 percent of people quit their jobs because they don't like their bosses. Ouch.

The advantage of an online business is obvious: if you're completely burned out on trying to manage conflicts with a boss who A) isn't competent or B) has a management style that's challenging to work with, then you can start your own business and be your own boss. (Though you will then, of course, have to contend with your own management style as you self-regulate your production and work habits.)

4. It's Not As Expensive As It Used to Be

In this old but classic article by PCMagazine published in 2008 -- at one of the lowest points of the Great Recession -- they outlined a way to start an online business for $100. I mention it not because of its specific tips (some of which are, of course, very out of date). I'm trying to make a point: if that was possible then -- when so many apps and amazing low-cost tech had yet to be invented, and when the economy was far weaker than where it is now (in late 2015) -- imagine what can be done today.

5. A Vast Network of Support and Free Information

Speaking of costs from point 4, the Small Business Administration can help you estimate your costs. See their article here. This is just one example of the rich resources available for free to assist you in your online business.

A very quick search on Google for articles shows a long list of articles written and published within the last 30 days. You could easily spend hours combing through the endless free resources online. Here are a few high quality articles found with ease:

For these reasons, multitudes are taking to the Internet to realise their business ideas. And the wonderful thing about the Internet: even when you find yourself in industries that seem over-saturated online, the vast wealth of resources and innovative thinkers mean there's always a new strategy to discover that will help your business cut through the noise.

(And, in fact, that's exactly what we do: we help you cut through the noise and rise above the competition.)

Contact us for more helpful information about online businesses and learn how we can assist you with digital marketing, web design, and e-commerce.

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