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5 Ways for tell that your Website Design Sucks

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Mar 18, 2016
Kevin Fouche

Nobody wants to bring bad news to their boss. And yet, sometimes doing just that is inevitable. If a significant part of your business is holding back its success, it's in everybody's best interest to be honest about it and look at improvement possibilities.

That's exactly what can happen for your website. Your boss may have looked at its initial design a few years back as a major expense, and one that did not have to be repeated in the future. After all, you have a web presence now! But what they do not realise is just how important having an effective web presence actually is.

5 Ways for tell that your Website Design SucksIf your online presence is holding back your marketing efforts, here are 5 strategies for telling your boss that the company website design sucks.

1) Make Sure They Know the Stats 

As a marketer, you probably know just how important your company website is. But your boss may not feel the same way, so be sure to share the exact reasons why a website needs to be effective and up-to-date.

For example, 94% of users get their first impression of your company from the website design, and 75% of them will judge the company's credibility based on that website. Half of all internet users expect a mobile-optimised design when browsing on their tablet or smart phones, and 40% of users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Knowing these stats makes needing a website that's ready for 2016 a necessity. Sharing them with your boss helps them understand just how important a website is.

2) Focus on Missed Opportunities

Company leaders care about performance. If they know that something is not performing as well as it should be, they are more likely to do something about it. That's why one strategy to convince your supervisors about a website redesign is to tell them exactly where your website is missing the mark.

Perhaps you get hardly any traffic on your site because your website is not optimised for social media. Or your traffic does not turn into anything, because your website is outdated and does not include a lead generation strategy. Helping your boss understand just what these analytics mean, and how they translate into less customers, will help your case for a new website. 

3) Showcase Competitors 

Another undeniable pressure point is showing your boss competitive websites that do a better job than yours. Nobody wants to look bad compared to their competition, and even technology-illiterate supervisors can see obvious differences between a website designed in 2010 and one designed this year. The desire to catch up with the competition is a definite motivation.

4) Bring in Customer Opinions

Similarly, most company executive these days understand the importance of keeping current and potential customers satisfied. If your website is outdated, chances are your audience is not happy about it, and will voice their opinion when given the opportunity.

For you, that means finding a way to gather these unfavourable customer opinions of your website, gather them, and share them with your supervisor. A single negative review of your site may be considered an outlier. But a slew of visitors, voicing their opinions on a feedback survey or through direct interactions with your sales staff? Your boss will understand that it's time to take action.

5) Outline Alternatives

Bring a problem to your boss, and you will stress them out. Propose a solution, and they will be much more likely to go along with it. That's why telling your boss that the company's website sucks is often not enough to be convincing; also presenting the solution to that problem, on the other hand, will be more likely to prompt action.

Do your research to see what competitors are doing, and what your options are in either redesigning the website or going for a complete overhaul. Ideally, find metrics - such as how much each visitor is worth - that help you justify the cost of a new website. Then, present the entire rationale to your boss in one package.

If neither of these strategies work for you, we'd love to hear from you directly and provide you with additional pointers! Contact us today to get help convincing your boss that a new website is key to success.

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