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8 Website Content Tips for your business

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Oct 12, 2016
Kevin Fouche

Blogging is one of the best ways to engage with your customers and help you acquire new ones. Successful blogging requires consistency, which means you must generate new content on a regular basis. You also need topics that are genuinely interesting and relevant to your audience. Doing this on a regular basis, however, isn't always easy.

8 Website Content Tips for your business

If you're like many business bloggers, you don't always feel inspired to create that brilliant and targeted blog post. So what are the best blogging tips for your business?

Here are 8 Website Content Tips tips to inspire you to kick off your business blogging.

8 Website Content Tips for your business

1. Be a good listener

You learn a great deal by listening to people's conversations. This includes random conversations you hear in public as well as those in which you're a participant. Pay extra attention when people are talking about topics relating to your field. Put yourself in places where you're likely to hear such discussions. Going to meetings, conventions or other live events gives you the chance to hear the latest gossip and opinions. Some of these may provide inspiration for your blog.

2. Keep up with the latest books

Amazon and other booksellers provide valuable information on what people in your industry are reading and writing about. You don't even have to buy books to benefit from this information, though it certainly does no harm to read material that's informative. Simply keeping track of best-sellers and trending topics helps you come up with blogging ideas. For books that you're inspired to read, you can always write a review. Still another idea is to offer to interview the author. 

3. Identify common mistakes and myths

Lists of myths and mistakes are always popular blogging topics. There's a good reason for this. No matter what topic your audience cares about, they're interested in learning what pitfalls and mistakes to avoid. This is true whether they're golf players, home business owners, investors or students. If you've already covered the positive side of a subject, why not flip it around and cover the negative side? 

4. Study your competition

There are many reasons to study your competition. You always want to know what other businesses in your industry are up to. This also helps you come up with topics for blogging. Subscribe to leading blogs in your niche and make note of which topics are most popular.

5. Follow industry leaders

Identify some of the top people in your field and follow their blogs, videos, podcasts and social media accounts. This is a good way to stay informed and provide you with blogging topics. An added benefit is that it's possible to connect with influencers in your field. You might offer to interview them or invite them to write guest posts for your blog. 

6. Follow question & answer sites

Yahoo Answers, Quora and other question and answer sites help you to identify the leading questions asked by people in your field. Answering questions directly on these sites is useful for building authority. It also provides ideas for your blog. 

7. Do off-line research

It's easy to get fixated on the internet. Yet, there's still a vast world of valuable material off-line. In many cases, this gives you insights and perspectives you miss by focusing solely on blogs, websites and social media. Visit your public library and see what books are currently popular. Buy some print magazines that cover your industry. You might also subscribe to trade journals or  magazine that serve your niche. Even daily newspapers are worth looking through.

8. Ask your readers

Your subscribers are some of the best people to consult when you need ideas for blogging. Making your blog interactive also helps you to build loyalty. Conduct polls to find out what topics your readers care about. Ask open-ended questions in your blog posts, such as "would you be interested in reading a follow-up on this topic?" 

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