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Why Your Website Content Really Does Matter for Your Business

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Sep 28, 2015
Kevin Fouche

Businesses spend a great deal of time on content management.

However, sometimes you may wonder why your website content really does matter.

Well, we're here to tell you so you understand why you must always be careful about the type of content you put up on the web. 

Why Your Website Content Really Does Matter for Your Business

Website content helps with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Website content is important because it builds SEO. The more content you have, the better ranked you are in search engines because the more pages you have to rank in the search engine. Of course, you must make sure that content has keywords that relate to your business and is not a load of junk. 

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Your content should showcase your knowledge

Your content should establish you as a thought leader in your industry. You want to have influence in what you publish. As a business owner, you must know something about your industry. Write about your industry in such a way that it showcases that you know what you're talking about and demonstrates to other individuals that you are a thought leader. You have something important to say and it should be listened to. 

Your content needs to demonstrate what you can do for your customers

Over time, your blog posts and your evergreen content should showcase what you can do for your customers. You can also include case studies to show what you have done for specific customers, with their permission, of course. Content is the way you communicate and you should be speaking up about your qualifications. 

Putting out sub-standard content is a no-no

You should never put out sub-standard content. It reflects poorly on your business and makes others think that you don't care about your industry or how you appear to others. You have to care. It's an important part of your presence. Your website is like your business online. It's a reflection of what your business stands for. You wouldn't put out a substandard product or do substandard work, would you? Then, don't put out substandard web content. It can hurt your SEO ranking and your perception in the online realm. 

Don't overlook content

Some businesses decide that content is too much of a bother to put out. They either can't afford to hire a writer or are just too busy to keep their blogs updated with information. Well, they should make the time because it's an important way to share information about what's going on with the business. Even if you can only post once a week that's good enough to keep your customers happy and you indexed for SEO. 

Why being a thought leader is important

As you put in more content and demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about your business and should be listened to, you will find that more business will come your way. People want to work with authoritative and knowledgeable businesses. They want to work with people who are considered thought leaders. Sure, it takes time to get up to that status, but if you begin building now in a few months you could see a big difference in your business. 

Website content helps people make decisions about working with you

Website content won't directly get you business, but it's a factor in the overall picture. People will point to your website content as a reason that they consider you at all because you are informative, educational and interesting. You give them content they want to read and they want to work with the knowledgeable, interesting company that they are reading about. 

Website content will give you a higher search engine ranking 

As you build your content, your site will be ranked higher in search engine results and people will find you easier. There's also word of mouth and social media. You can put your blog posts on your social media accounts where others can share them with their friends and family so you can get 'referrals' that way. 

We hope you understand why your website content really does matter now that you've read our article on the subject. If you have questions, please contact us

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