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Trusting Your Designer Through the Web Design Process

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Mar 7, 2016
Kevin Fouche

In today's society, your website is likely one of the first points of contact that you'll have with a customer. A quick web search is rapidly replacing word of mouth when potential customers need to access a new type of business quickly.

As a result, websites are also becoming increasingly complicated.

Trusting Your Web Designer Through the Process

They have lots of bells and whistles and plenty of moving parts that all need to interact smoothly together. Unless you have web design experience of your own, you may not have any idea how to put all those pieces together!

That means it's more important than ever before to to trust your web designer

Trusting Your Designer Through the Web Design Process

Your website is not a one-off transaction. 
Chances are, your website is an ongoing effort that will require plenty of attention along the way. You'll contact your web designer frequently throughout the life of your website.

That makes it important that you develop a working relationship that will enable you to maintain connection with this individual as they work to achieve your vision for your website.

Consider what your web designer wants from you. 
There are several different types of web designers. The ones who are inexperienced or new to the game might take everything you say at face value, turning out exactly the webpage you described without adding in their unique touch or expertise.

More experienced web designers, on the other hand, will take your dream and make it even better. How can you tell the difference? Talented web designers will ask plenty of questions about your business and your goals for your website.

They want to know who your target audience is, how you plan to reach them, and what you'd like your website to accomplish. They want to understand your brand and your mission. What sets your company apart? A talented web designer will ask all those questions before starting on the project.

Understand what they're telling you.
There may be times when you present an image to your web designer that they already know won't work. Whether it's a design that simply won't work for mobile users or a page with a load time that will have potential customers clicking away before the site even has a chance to finish loading, your web designer may be trying to steer you away from a potential pitfall.

If you don't understand why they're choosing not to do something, ask why! The answer might increase your trust. 

Get to know your web designer.
As you're seeking out proposals and working with potential designers, you may find that it's difficult to differentiate one from another. That's why taking a long-term view of your relationship with your web designer is so critical to the process. Take the time to ask for more than just the bottom line when you're starting the interview process. Look at previous websites the designer has put together.

Ask to see examples of the work that they're proud of. Are those examples in line with your vision for your business? While their existing designs don't have to perfectly match your vision for your website, seeing what the designer has put together in the past can help increase your confidence in their capability. 

Don't be afraid to terminate the relationship.
If your web designer isn't working for you or you've ended up with a website that doesn't reflect your goals for your company, it's all right to walk away! You don't have to stay "stuck" with a web designer who isn't delivering the product you need.

Sure, a long-term relationship is important; but it's more important to have a web designer that you can trust. 

If you're looking for a web designer that you can trust, contact us! We'll work with you to create a website that reflects your vision without sacrificing the other important elements of web design. Even better, we'll help you use your website to improve your business as never before.

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