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5 Effective Ways to Nurture Your Leads and Boost Engagement

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Oct 3, 2017
Kevin Fouche
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Your small business blog is one of your most valuable assets in your digital marketing strategy. It positions you as a leader in the industry, attracts customers to your website, and generates leads for your sales funnel. In fact, 71% of business bloggers have agreed that their blog increased visibility in their industries (Source: Business2Community). Here are 5 Effective Ways to Nurture Your Leads and Boost Engagement.


Another big advantage to blogging is the value-rich content available to share with your email subscribers. It’s important to cultivate and build relationships with your list to keep them connected with your brand. Your email strategy gives potential customers a chance to get to know you while being nurtured through your content.

Sharing quality content also helps move your leads closer to the buying decision and becoming loyal fans of your brand. With that said, begin to leverage your blog more in your email content. Here are five ways to effectively nurture your subscribers for your digital marketing.

5 Effective Ways to Nurture Your Leads and Boost Engagement

#1 Curate Popular Blog Articles

Content curation is a winning content marketing strategy that helps “fill in the gaps” in between sharing original content. This is huge for your email marketing because you’re constantly feeding your list with authoritative resources that help solve their problems, educates or informs. It keeps your leads warm and prospects interested in your brand.

Even though the content you share through curating may not originate from your brand, you’ll be viewed as a reliable source by delivering valuable information pertaining to your subscriber's needs. So, here are a few clever ways to implementing this tactic and adding variety to your email content:

  • Follow relevant influencers in your niche to curate and promote their content to your list
  • Provide your audience with proven insights by curating industry-related data and case studies. Use Google to choose high-authority sources that are backed by proof and references
  • Leverage tools such as Pocket or Feedly to easily discover content based on your preferences. Social media management tools like Buffer also have built-in curation tools to post on your social pages. This can help you align your email and social media marketing by posting the same content on each platform
  • Curate your own content by sharing your popular or evergreen blog posts. Even if you’ve shared these articles with subscribers in the past, it can serve as a reminder and provides another opportunity to engage if it was missed the first time. Pick a day (whether weekly or monthly) that will serve as your “curate day”. You can curate posts based on a theme or specific topic
  • Always include a brief paragraph (about 2-3 sentences) that highlights the benefits subscribers will gain from reading that article

#2 Answer FAQs in Short Blog Posts

Although long-form content is encouraged for SEO ranking and social engagement, all of your blog posts do not have to be lengthy. Actually, you can create posts exclusively for your email subscribers.

Consider common questions your prospects tend to have regarding your business, product or service. Think about frequent challenges your customers tend to experience before connecting with your company. Both scenarios offer great content topic ideas for mini-blog posts that you can publish in a short amount of time. 

When creating short-form content, make them concise, conversational and relatable. Spend time crafting a compelling title that grabs attention. Finally, add visuals that complement your text to boost website experience.

These short blog posts will enrich your content strategy, increase your website’s SEO ranking with steady traffic flow, and properly nurture your leads with content that offer solutions.

#3 Publish Content Based on Your Subscribers' Interest

Email segmentation is a proven tactic to developing deeper relationships with your list and moving them to action. Divvying up your list allows you to create targeted campaigns that specifically relates to the person you’re messaging. Your recipient will feel as if you’re speaking directly to them, making your email marketing much more effective.

Although there are many ways to segment your list, for the purposes of nurturing your leads using your blog, divide your subscribers based on the content they’ve given the most attention to through open and click-through rates.

For example, what content types do they favor more…infographics or videos? What topics seem to pique their interest? Share blog posts that drive engagement with your subscribers. You will effectively appeal to their desires, significantly improving your email marketing results.

#4 Report Trending News

Offering your feedback on current events and trending topics shows that you’re active in your industry and remain abreast on the latest news. This adds credibility to your brand and positions you as a reliable source. Some will stay connected to your company simply because you’re a dependable resource for information.

So when breaking news hit, notify your list quickly with a blog article relating to the topic. If it’s something unrelated to your niche, find a way to connect it to your industry so your message resonates with your audience. Don’t forget to share these posts on your social networks as well!

Also, encourage readers to give their opinion in the comments to boost responses. Building a community around your brand through comments can increase brand loyalty and keep people coming to your posts for conversation.

#5 Continue to Share Quality-Rich Content

Establishing a blogging cadence is key to having ongoing content to share with your list and fans. The more posts you publish from your brand, the more opportunities you create for traffic, new leads, and attracting followers.

Hubspot reports companies that published 16+ blog posts per month receive almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts. These same companies also report 4.5 times more leads! It pays to continue sharing quality-rich content to bolster your thought-leadership and build trust with your followers.

Therefore, commit to a blogging schedule. Leverage tools like an editorial calendar to help you plan, organise and publish content. In that same calendar, map out when you will share that post with your list to increase traffic. Since email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content on social media than visitors from other sources, ask them to share it with their networks to boost exposure.


A solid email marketing strategy nurtures and grooms your leads to become buying customers. Your blog is the perfect tool towards achieving this goal. Start by implementing 2-3 of the tips mentioned and test them with your list. See what resonates with your list and ramp up from there. With consistency, you’ll begin to share blog content that increases email engagement, enriches your digital marketing strategy and improves your bottom-line.

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