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10 Ways to Turn Your Online Store Customers into Repeat Sales

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Oct 9, 2015
Kevin Fouche

Your online store is booming! You've found a niche that's perfect for you, and you're selling your product in ways you never imagined possible.

At the same time, however, you want to maximise your profit, and marketing to people who have already purchased from you is a great way to do it.

10 Ways to Turn Your Online Store Customers into Repeat Sales

If you're looking for ways to turn single-purchase customers into repeat traffic, check out these 10 ways to turn your online store customers into repeat sales.

10 Ways to Turn Your Online Store Customers into Repeat Sales

1. Maximise your loyalty program

Let's face it: there are other businesses out there that offer the same products you do. If you want yours to be the first business your customers think of, offer a loyalty program that will keep them coming back to you for all their purchases in your market. Your loyalty program can include special rates for regular customers or points that add up to discounts over time. Choose whatever works best for your customer base. In order to make the most of that loyalty program, of course, you'll need:

2. Customer accounts give you access to more customer information

When your customers create an account, you can keep track of them over time and develop more products and promotions that are appropriate for your repeat customer base.

3. Provide a quality experience for your customers from beginning to end

Your site should be easy to use. From finding the item to checking out, your website should be customer-friendly.

4. Your returns process should be as simple as possible and designed with your customers in mind

You don't want your customers to feel stuck with a product that they don't like! Their memory of your store should be a positive one: even if they have to return the product, they should be left impressed with your efficiency and dedication to customer support.

5. Stay in contact with your customers

Sending out emails is a great way to stay in touch and let your customers know what's happening next at your store. Have you recently developed a new product? Come out with something that your customers will love? Share that information with them! 

6. Offer gifts and surprises

Many consumers have fallen into the trap: using a small gift certificate leads to what is ultimately a much larger purchase. Alternatively, offer a gift: a small promotional item that will appeal to your customer base. This will make them think fondly of your business and remember you when the time comes for them to make a purchase.

7. Offer incentives for referrals

If a customer loves your store, you want them to share it! Make the referral process easy and offer incentives for customers who refer others to you. 

8. Bring back customers who haven't shopped with you in a while

As an online retailer, it's easy to lose customers. They find a better deal somewhere else or forget about you, and before you know it, they're shopping somewhere else. Offer a small discount to bring a customer who's been lost back to your site.

9. Don't forget to take advantage of your social media presence

Customers are always eager to connect with you on social media. Unfortunately, many accounts only show your information to a small percentage of your followers or fans. In order to maximise your social media presence, include posts that will increase customer interaction.

10. Personalise your approach to your customers

Customers want to know that you're paying attention to them specifically. They don't want to be just one more face in the crowd! pPersonalising offers to your customers will let them know that your online store is the perfect place for them.

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