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Top Reasons Why Your Website Speed can be Impacting Your Business

Posted by Mark Fouche on Aug 27, 2021

While surfing the internet for specific information, how many times have you had to exit a page because it took forever to load? Quite a lot, huh? 

Like everyday business customers, visitors are often pretty impatient and won't hesitate to leave your page if it takes more than a few seconds to load. And the consequence? Poor page load time hurts your SERP ranking, conversion rates, user experience, and sales returns.

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Top 5 Web Browsers for WordPress Website Editing

Posted by Mark Fouche on Aug 5, 2021

If you're a WordPress user, chances are that you've spent a fair amount of time moving from one browser to another. Far worse, you've probably asked for opinions from your friends, and you've never heard a more diverse set of answers in your life.

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Website Platform Review: Squarespace vs WordPress

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 22, 2021

Tech wars are all over, and you're probably an avid spectator. There's Android vs. iOS, Xbox vs. PlayStation and the Galaxy S- series versus the iPhone. Then there's one you only hear about when creating websites: Squarespace vs. WordPress.

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WordPress Divi Theme Best Features for 2021: What you need to know

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Mar 24, 2021

Divi, from Elegant Themes, is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes used today. With the latest major release of Divi 4.0, this multipurpose theme adds some game-changing new features in 2021. While Elegant themes have always updated and improved its flagship theme,  the latest update takes WordPress development to the next level. Divi features a robust theme-building tool, a huge selection of website templates, new customisation options, and much more.

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Top 8 Advanced WordPress Features & Plugins to Beat Your Competition

Posted by Mark Fouche on Feb 11, 2021

The internet is more alive with activity than is has ever been. There has been a vast increase in online commerce, remote services, long distance orders, and even online activity for local businesses is at a historic high. While the economy is in a state of flux, web design is flexing to keep up with the constantly increasing demand for new sites and services online. As every industry takes it to the digital realm, your website is suddenly facing an onslaught of online competition.

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