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7 Steps to Build Your Brand Using Strategic Web Design

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jan 14, 2021

The right website can become a cornerstone of your business. It turns your online presence into a place where your audience can learn more about you, understand how you differ from your competition, and even close the deal and reserve service or make a purchase. But of course, you have to get it right.

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10 Tips to Optimize the Typography in Your Web Design

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Dec 9, 2020

It might be counterintuitive, but that doesn't make it less true: the written word matters in web design. More specifically, the way the written word looks plays a crucial role in the overall effectiveness of your website, both in terms of how it looks and how successful it is to engage your audience.

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10 Tips that Maximise Your WordPress Website Design ROI

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Dec 2, 2020

In our modern, digital environment, a top-notch website is no longer optional. Regardless of the size of your business or your industry, you need that website to attract potential customers, distribute information about your business, and focus your online marketing strategy.

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8 Cutting-Edge Web Design Trends to Incorporate Into Your Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Nov 4, 2020

The progression of web design has always rushed forward at a break-neck pace. In the last year, we've seen some incredible new web design trends appear and old favourite trends come back to light.

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10 Plugins that Showcase the Versatility of WordPress Website Design

Posted by Mark Fouche on Oct 14, 2020

Web design can take any number of shapes and forms. The beauty of this content management system is its versatility; you can use it for a small, single-page digital billboard for your future business, or as a complex lead-generating machine that can even turn into a mobile app.

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