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How to Optimise your website for Google Voice Searches

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Sep 5, 2018

Voice search is quickly gaining traction. Optimising your site for Google voice search is crucial if you want the edge over your competition. Google voice search is changing how we search for the answers to our queries, how we look for information and, importantly, how Google manage search queries.

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How to set up Google My Business quickly and easily

Posted by Kevin Fouche on May 29, 2018

You can set up Google My Business for your business in a few simple steps. Don’t feel daunted; it truly is a simple process. Setting up your Google My Business profile will increase the visibility of your business across each of Google’s services, allowing your business to be found easily and quickly online.

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What is Google My Business and how can it benefit my business

Posted by Kevin Fouche on May 15, 2018

Google My Business is an incredible marketing opportunity for your business. Google is the main search engine globally - with over 5 billion searches made daily - so it goes without saying that how your business appears on Google is vitally important.

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How to Use Google Analytics to Increase E-Commerce Conversions

Posted by Mark Fouche on Mar 6, 2018

Here's the dirty little secret about Google Analytics: Just about every e-commerce website uses it for data analysis, but hardly anyone understands how to use it. If you find yourself mired in a mountain of Google Analytics statistical reports with no idea what to do with them, you're not alone. Here's How to Use Google Analytics to Increase E-Commerce Conversions.

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The 9 Best Google Analytics Metrics to Track for Your Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Apr 26, 2017

The more you know about your website visitors, the better. You only know whether your website is successful, and whether it actually helps you grow your business, if you can get quantitative measures of who your audience is, what pages they're visiting, and how long they're staying. 

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