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How to Build Multiple Email Lists for Your Business from your Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jan 22, 2020

Email marketing is a complicated subject for field service businesses. You are not an eCommerce market and, let's face it, most of your customers aren't going to be impulsive young people looking for the next click-bait deal. Field service clients tend to be homeowners and business managers who need serious service and expect a serious level of professionalism. This doesn't leave much room for sensational marketing tactics, but then, you're not a sensational business.

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What is an Email Workflow and how can I use them effectively?

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Apr 12, 2018

In business, often it takes time to convert a lead. They may have clicked on your website, read your business blog or hit up your social media pages – you know they’re keen, but for whatever reason, they’re just not ready to commit. Yet. What do you do with these types of leads in your marketing process? Do you have a strategy? Or do they get left to their own devices?

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Campaign Monitor vs MailChimp: Which is best for your business?

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Apr 6, 2018

You may be aware by now that MailChimp and Campaign Monitor are both powerful e-marketing solutions for small business. But how do you decide which one is right for your business?

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5 Effective Ways to Nurture Your Leads and Boost Engagement

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Oct 3, 2017

Your small business blog is one of your most valuable assets in your digital marketing strategy. It positions you as a leader in the industry, attracts customers to your website, and generates leads for your sales funnel. In fact, 71% of business bloggers have agreed that their blog increased visibility in their industries (Source: Business2Community). Here are 5 Effective Ways to Nurture Your Leads and Boost Engagement.

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5 Ways E-marketing Can Drive Ecommerce Website Sales

Posted by Mark Fouche on Apr 4, 2017

Even as new ways to promote your business online continue to pop up, one constant remains: email marketing, though in use almost as long as personal email addresses exist, still remains one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience.

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