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Top 15 Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jun 27, 2019
Kevin Fouche
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Guest blogging can work for your business by helping you to build strong connections, to develop high-quality business opportunities and to position your blog as an authority on a given topic adding value to your brand. Having an expert in a relevant field offer insights and information can benefit your existing audience, as well as attracting a new audience for your blog.

Top 15 Benefits Of Guest Blogging

The value of guest blogging has often been underestimated, thought by many to simply be of value as another link building tactic.  There are real advantages to considering adding a guest blogger to your blogging site. Here are just a few:

1. Build Relationships

Guest blogging can help you to build relationships over time. As you interact with your audience in the comments and provide many useful blogs on different facets of your core topic, you will slowly find your audience gets to know you and feel connected to you.

You will also develop relationships with the owners of the sites you offer guest blogs to, and from here other partnerships and opportunities can grow.

2. Become The Voice Of Authority

Establishing yourself as an online authority is imperative to create trust in your brand. No matter how great your content is, you will find it hard to convert your audience into customers or loyal subscribers to your blog if they do not trust your brand.

Contributing to other authoritative blogs as a guest blogger adds to your credibility as an authority on a given topic. Guest blogging for these types of blogs helps your audience to view you as an authority that is recognised by sources the audience already trust. 

3. Uncover New Business Opportunities

Quality guest blogs act as a showcase for your knowledge and expertise. Unsurprisingly, this often attracts new opportunities.

It really can be as simple as a potential business partner (or customer) searching for you and your business online and discovering one of your guest blogs in their search results. Your guest blog can set you apart from your nearest competitors and position you as the brand others want to partner with.

4. Attract A Wider Audience

When you guest blog on a site that attracts a wider audience than your own, you have the opportunity of attracting this wider audience back to your own blog. You may capture them first as a Twitter follower, or they may connect with you via your Facebook page. 

When you continually offer valuable tips and insights that provide your audience with quality information they are seeking via these social media connections, these followers are likely to subscribe to your blog. Retaining these subscribers will rely on your blog delivering the same high-quality content that attracted them to you in the first place.

5. Build high-quality links

Blogs that accept guest blog posts often allow contributors to include at least one link to their own website and a brief brand-mention. One backlink from an authoritative blog can boost your SEO, making your content more indexable to search engines and therefore more discoverable. 

6. Improve your writing

Blog sites always want more quality blogs that speak with authority on a topic with authenticity. The great thing is, the more articles you write, the more your following will grow; the more your following grows, the more demand there will be for your writing; and the more you write, the better you will get at it!

Great writing will improve legitimate traffic to your own blog, which will improve your blog’s rankings and, ultimately, your traffic conversion ratio. You can grab some tips on improving your content writing skills here and here.

7. Social Networking Advantages

Guest blogging, and inviting a guest to blog for your site, increases the amount of social media shares to your content, it can help improve your lead generation and boost your follower count. Guest blogging helps you to look good in the eyes of the blog’s regular followers and inviting a guest blogger to blog on your site is seen by their followers as them vouching for your brand.

If you choose to establish yourself as a guest blogger, carefully craft your contributor profile to include links to your business’ website and your social media accounts -- as you share useful and informative information in your social media posts you will note your followers increase.

8. Establish Your Brand

A great way to establish your brand is to position your authority in your niche. When you guest blog for other sites, ensure that you share useful tips that cannot be found elsewhere.

Infuse your brand’s voice into your posts and communicate what your company does and how your brand can solve the audience’s problems.

The perceived endorsement of your brand by a guest blogger when they blog for your site will also help make your brand gain the trust of your guest bloggers’ followers, and help your brand to be more recognisable in this same audience base.

9. Awareness

When you operate as a guest blogger it helps you establish yourself as an authority in your topic area. As you discuss your qualifications, experience and expertise you have the opportunity to let the audience know what your company does and how you are able to solve the audience’s problems, building the awareness of your brand.

When you invite a guest blogger to blog for your site bring with them a loyal fan base, the guest blogger’s fan base will likely follow the guest blogger to your site and be exposed to your brand. Okay, so how would this work, you ask? One example would be if a cooking appliance manufacturer asked a famous chef to write a blog on their experience using the cooking appliance manufacturer’s new Mixmaster. The blog could include a recipe and the guest blogger may glowingly endorse the Mixmaster as they detail how to make their amazing raspberry cheesecake. Fans of the celebrity chef may come to the blog for the cheesecake recipe and leave determined to buy themselves the new Mixmaster!

10. Encourage Reciprocal Blogging

By guest blogging for another regular blogger, you are giving them a bit of a break from their own blog and also offering a valuable alternate perspective that the audience will appreciate. When you build a relationship like this with another blogger, you can invite them to guest blog on your site and enter into a bit of reciprocal blogging!

This allows you to build in valuable links and from here you can establish a community of bloggers within the same industry (or related industries) whose blogs can mutually benefit one another’s audiences.

11. Get paid

Now, when it comes to reciprocal blogging (and establishing yourself as an expert), being asked to guest blog for another website is a real possibility. You may find you are offered payment to provide your blogs for other sites.

This is particularly true for subscription websites, such as those who offer information to certain industries. For example, an accountant may be offered payment to write an informative article for an online Plumber’s Association offering accounting advice specific to the plumbing industry.  

12. Generate quality, qualified leads

When you guest blog for another site, or invite a guest blogger to write for you, you should develop a strategy to increase site traffic to draw in people who are interested in your business offering. These quality, actionable leads may find you through inbound or outbound links from your blog site or your guest bloggers site.  

When you select a guest blogger to invite to blog for you, a guest blogger who has a steady stream of traffic to their existing blog is likely to link back to their own site and also link from their site to their guest blog post on your site. Links that draw in an audience familiar with your guest blogger will ultimately shorten your sales cycle. How? Let’s move on and discuss the value of brand familiarity.

13. Build brand familiarity 

Content marketers often find the sales funnel a challenge. When you guest blog as an expert on another website’s blog, you are building your target audience’s familiarity with you and your brand. Building brand familiarity is an important step in shortening your sales cycle.

Rather than waiting for your leads to find your blog, you can promote your brand’s value propositions throughout your guest blog, introducing your brand to potential leads using the content of other popular blogs.

Similarly, when an expert lends their name to your blog as a guest blogger they infuse your blog, and your brand, with an unspoken endorsement. When you invite an expert to guest blog on your site, the audience that holds this expert as an authority, and trusts your expert’s opinion, likely to trust your brand by association.

14. Obtain Useful Feedback From Your Audience

When you invite experts to guest blog on your site, you will often find that other experts and thought leaders in your field may wish to join the discussion via your comments section. These insightful comments and contributions can further develop the conversation as others share their thoughts and ideas.

Including a call-to-action in your final paragraph inviting comments can encourage contributors to share their own opinions and concepts as they relate to the topic at hand. This feedback can be very insightful and lets you gauge how your posts are being received.

15. Improve Your Content Marketing Tactics

By employing a guest blogging marketing campaign, you are positioning your brand for growth in every area of your content marketing.

The very best way to improve your content marketing tactics is to put them into practice yourself. Ensuring your content marketing is successful requires your attention to many different factors that ultimately work together to ensure your blogs’ success, such as comprehensive content research, selecting the right ‘voice’ for your target audience and understanding influencer outreach, among others.

Blogging should be a part of every online business’ inbound marketing strategy and guest blogging is a vital step for online marketing success. Guest blogging offers real benefits that can work for your brand when executed correctly. If you would like to discuss the steps you need to take to set your blog up correctly or if you’re in the process of setting one up and have questions, we would love to help. Why not give us a call to have a chat about how we can help you and your business?

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