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Top 10 WordPress Web Design Trends for 2022

Posted by Mark Fouche on Feb 18, 2022
Mark Fouche
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Granted, when you are designing a website for your business, there's the temptation to stand out by creating or incorporating something totally unexpected. While defying expectation is not exactly frowned upon, you should probably consider the fact that unique sites will often struggle to provide an exceptional user experience (UX).

Top 10 WordPress Web Design Trends for 2022

To avoid this pitfall, you want to stay abreast with the most popular and widely used approaches at the time. By following these trends, you end up with a site whose visitors almost instantaneously know how best to interact with it.

This article dives into the revamped functionalities and customisation options that WordPress users should be on the lookout for in 2022.

Top 10 WordPress Web Design Trends for 2022

1. Landing Page that converts

The landing page on your WordPress site should be dedicated to turning the site's visitors into paying customers. As this is often the dedicated destination for most of your traffic, you want to great active copy within an amazing design and to culminate all these in a compelling CTA. Seeing as your landing page design could be your one shot at convincing the visitor to stick around and interact more with your business, here are landing page design trends you should be on the lookout for in 2022.

There are two archetypal landing pages. Your business will either have a clickthrough page or a lead generation page. For the latter, we are seeing a greater inclination towards the use of simple lead-generation forms. Granted, you might be anxious to siphon as much information out of the customer at this initial interaction with the hopes that this would translate to being better placed as it pertains to their conversion. Still, please resist the urge to include complex forms on your website, as these make it less likely that the visitor will end up filling them out.

Suppose your landing page is a clickthrough page. In this case, you want to make it easy for visitors to compare the different offers you've got. You could include an in-depth pricing table that helps users to spot the difference between your different offerings easily.

2. Site Design that Includes Amazing Parallax Effects

Parallax scrolling, or simply parallax, made its debut around 2011. At the time, it became a cool and exciting design trend mostly adopted by trendy and cool websites that weren't quick to shy away from the captivating concept.

Today, however, parallax has evolved to be a more strategic tool that is expected to take the site's design and UX to the next level. By incorporating parallax scrolling and particularly designing your site such that the background images move slower than the foreground images, you create a sensation of depth. Specifically, the effect adds to the user's immersion and heightens their browsing experience while they are on your site. While shopping for a WordPress parallax theme, we suggest that you go for one that is fully responsive and features premium or custom-created plugin integration as well as fonts and icons. Overall, if you want to have a multidimensional site in 2022 that captures a visitor almost instantaneously, consider incorporating amazing parallax effects into your site.

3. Drag and Drop Builders

At the root of this trend is the premise that design is, in fact, intelligence made visible. Drag and Drop builders allow users to create beautiful pages even when the site's administrator does not have a coding background.

An additional trend will be the increased reliance on self-sufficient plugins that allow for the effortless replacement of existing themes without much hassle.

When looking for a drag and drop builder, find one that has slider RTL support. Additionally, consider one that allows drag and drop post-order changes. Overall, the trend is the adoption of intelligent builders that allow the site owner or administrator to effortlessly customise their site without much fuss.

4. Experimentation with Colours during Design

Going forward, experts point out that bold, vibrant colours that are highly saturated are likely to become winners in design. The inclination towards greater experimentation with colours is that colour has been found to impact significantly on people's emotions. These capture the visitor's eye and give off an exuberant vibe.

5 Addition of Thumb-scrolling

In the recent past, we have seen thumb-scrolling become particularly liked by millennials. This trend is quickly catching on as more site owners and administrators seek to have a site that is mobile-friendly and thumb-scroll-ready.

Going into 2022, we expect a legion of free WordPress and premium themes offering thumb-scrolling features to be rolled out. When optimised correctly, these make it possible for enhanced convenience, which is part of immersive UX.

6. Experimentation with Illustrations

A cool trend that we should see more of in 2022 is the use of illustration not only on the headers and footers but also within the main body of the page. Illustrations elicit feelings from your visitor. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Besides, humans are visual creatures and tend to adapt to visual information relatively fast. These are, therefore, great as they generate creative storytelling and provide a stable ground for originality and artistic harmony. Overall, the inclusion of illustrations makes your design more user-friendly as users do not have to spend too much time analysing the content. Before you go all out and incorporate illustrations within your site, be sure that the illustrations you go for match the rest of the design on your site.

7. Inclusion of Interactive Content 

Every day, millions of blog posts are published on the WordPress platform. If you are to receive some traffic your way, you want to stand out from the run-of-the-mill text articles everyone seems to be doing. To achieve just that, you have to consider including interactive content on your site.

Interactive content includes assessments, videos and polls that would encourage the reader to interact more with your site. Basically, you avoid having lurkers or users who only passively consume your content. For starters, go beyond just the normal online video and include interactive elements to this if you want to elevate the immersive experience. Consider using fill in the blank or multiple-choice questions on the video. Additionally, we are seeing more site owners include quizzes, assessments, and surveys, which would make the experience at your site more fulfilling.

8. Use of Simple, Playful Font and Typography

As more users lean towards incorporating their personalities into the WordPress sites, we expect that 2022 will see greater use of simple, playful fonts and typography. Typeface is a trend you want to keep tabs on as the font and typography you go represent the actual message you are going for. Besides, different typefaces put people in different moods, which further affects how best you are able to capture the prospect. Overall, you want to be aware that the typeface you go for represents the personality of your brand.

While in the past years we've seen more sites go for traditional typography, brands are expected to be more open to bold and edgy font and typography which borders on fancy without being too far from what could be considered clean and modern. Note that WordPress has a function that makes it possible to change fonts across the entire theme that you use or on individual WordPress posts and pages. Collectively, as you consider adopting this trend, reflect on what emotions you want your site and brand to convey and which font and typography best capture this.

9. Chatbot Plugins

There is likely going to be a greater insistence on customer service interactions going into 2022. This comes at a time when there is greater integration of AI-integrated chatbots. These are expected to respond to user queries with present responses that support workflow and ensure customer service is more streamlined.

As you shop for chatbot plugins, be sure to go for a solution that has a live chat function that fully integrates with WordPress without any external API calls. Additional tips would be looking for a plugin that supports file attachments, automatic replies and unlimited chat history. As we expect greater customisation in 2022, find a plugin that comes with customisable live chat widgets and chatbot templates.

10. Enhanced Customisation via Multipurpose Theme

In the past, multipurpose themes seemed to be part of a theme niche that most WordPress users shied from. Going into 2022, however, we should see more site owners and administrators apply these multipurpose themes to create their landing pages, eCommerce sites, or business pages. You want to go with a multipurpose theme that is highly customisable and powerful. Additionally, consider one that has numerous customisation options that would effectively mean you are able to build a site that stands out from the masses. Be on the lookout for poorly coded multipurpose themes that promise offerings they can hardly meet. 

For any business looking to leverage the online space, your website becomes a powerful asset that you need to ace if you are to make a good first impression. As such, you want to stay up to speed on the latest web design trends if you are to stand a chance at converting a one-time browser into repeat business and possible a paying customer. The 10 trends to look out for in 2022 listed above should set your website up for success.

At Pixel Fish, our team of experienced WordPress Website Designers strives to be at par with industry trends. Contact us today if you are in the market for experts that will work with you to create a WordPress site that is not only fast and responsive but also at pace with the trends.

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