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5 Things Preventing Your Ecommerce Website From Making Money

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Nov 11, 2015
Kevin Fouche

Your website is up and running. You're sure you've given it all you've got.

Unfortunately, it's not pulling in the revenue that you expected. There are several key things holding back your ecommerce website from making money. If you're guilty of any of these errors, correcting them could be enough to send your website to the next level.

5 Things Preventing Your Ecommerce Website From Making Money

5 Things Preventing Your Ecommerce Website From Making Money

1. Your website looks unprofessional.
When a customer navigates to your page, they usually decide within six seconds whether or not they're going to buy from you. An unprofessional website that looks like it was put together in a middle school computer class will have customers leaving your website in droves. If they choose to make a purchase, they're going to be trusting you with their valuable payment information. If your website leaves a bad taste in their mouths, they'll be gone before you even realise that they were there.

2. Your customers can't figure out what you're selling. 
Typically, when you open an online store, it's because you've found a niche market that needs a new source of products. What is it that you're really selling? For example, a boutique clothing store won't necessarily sell athletic wear, while a shoe store probably shouldn't branch out into accessories like jewellery, , or ties. Keeping your products within your niche will make it easier for you to establish your authority as a supplier of those products.

3. You're overcharging your customers. 
The most compelling reason for customers to choose one website over the other is the price. If your competitors routinely offer better deals on your merchandise, that's where your customers will take their business. No matter what other incentives you offer to use your site, the bottom line will come down to your price. Keep in mind shipping fees when setting your price, too. If you overcharge for shipping or have a shipping fee that negates the savings in using your site over a competitor, customers will be gone again with the click of a mouse. Stating your shipping policies and costs up front will help prevent last-minute loss of sales due to customers who are shocked by the final price when they reach checkout.

4. You don't have a solid marketing plan.
How are you bringing traffic into your business? Do you have social media accounts? Are you using those accounts to reach out to people who might potentially be interested in your business? What about other ads across the internet? How are you reaching customers and letting them know about your sales, deals, and other information? If your marketing plan isn't solid enough to bring business to your door throughout the year, it's time to take another look at your plan.

5. You're making it too complicated for your customers.
Remember, there's always another place out there where your customers can buy exactly what you're offering. If you make it difficult for them to purchase the items they want, they'll find them somewhere else. This includes a clunky online store design that makes it hard to find the items they're looking for, a long and complicated checkout process (including forcing them to create an account in order to check out), and customer service that is designed to make life easier for you and your workers rather than your customers. Your customers crave simplicity. They want to log in, choose their merchandise, and check out with as few steps as possible. When you streamline your checkout process, you'll keep your customers coming back.

If your e-commerce site isn't making the money you'd like, contact us!

We'll help you discover the tricks to getting your business off the ground and developing a website that will work for you.

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