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The Top 10 WooCommerce Benefits for Small Businesses

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jun 27, 2017
Mark Fouche

From its user-friendly experience to its flexibility and customisation options, Woocommerce continues to be the smart choice for smart designers—and smart businesses. Let's go through some of the very best Woocommerce Benefits for Small Businesses. 

The Top 10 Woocommerce Benefits for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner looking for an ecommerce solution, look no further than WooCommerce by WooThemes, one of the most versatile WordPress plugins, and one of the most popular. Since its launch in 2011, more than 1.6 million businesses in the U.S., the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and India have downloaded Woocommerce, a testament to the many Woocommerce benefits for small business 

Here are 10 of the many Woocommerce benefits for small businesses.

Top 10 Woocommerce Benefits for Small Businesses

1. You Can’t Beat Free

There are plenty of strong ecommerce CMS on the market—the one downfall for the lion’s share of them is the cost. You can download Woocommerce—and the open-source, enterprise-level quality and features it offers—for free.  

2. It’s Highly Flexible

You don’t need to be a technological wizard to take advantage of the flexibility Woocommerce offers online merchants. It’s easy to make it your own, tailoring it to your company’s product categories, sales prices and unique attributes. With Woocommerce, you can sell all types of products—from virtual to physical, downloadable and affiliate.

3. It’s More than Ecommerce

Because it’s a WordPress based platform, Woocommerce easily integrates with every aspect of your website. You can build a highly functional store within an existing website, taking advantage of content marketing features like your blog to build trust in your products and brand.

4. It Looks Very Familiar

If you know WordPress, a CMS that currently supports over 51% of the top million websites in existence, using Woocommerce is like visiting an old friend. You’ll recognise the user-friendly interface, saving you time and boosting your online creativity.

5. You Can Get Creative with Customisation Options

Woocommerce offers 39 different themes—many of which are, like Woocommerce, free through the WooThemes Store.  You simply choose the theme that works best for your business, then make the changes you want to its CSS styles and colour themes. You’ll find plenty of options to get the precise look that matches your company’s brand.

6. You Get a Professional Ecommerce Solution

Don’t let the fact that Woocommerce is free fool you into thinking it’s a less professional ecommerce solution. It offers detailed order tracking and customer engagement tools, letting you easily see both past and open orders and update delivery statuses. Features like tax settings, shipping options, coupon codes and inventory management are all there, right out of the box.

7. It Includes an Intuitive, Built-in Analytics System

Website analytics can be daunting, especially for ecommerce startups. Woocommerce makes it easy, with an intuitive, built-in analytics system. You don’t need to figure out which ecommerce metrics are the most important to track, because Woocommerce brings them to you in easily understandable fashion. From total sales to order totals, statistics on individual customers and more, you’ll see the helpful charts and graphs you need to monitor your progress, all right in the admin panel. 

8. You’ll Have Access to a Wide Variety of Apps

If you need additional functionality—perhaps because your business changes or grows—Woocommerce offers hundreds of extensions. Many are free, and some you can get for a fee. You’ll find apps and extensions for marketing, accounting, reporting, accounting, and more.

9. Woocommerce Grows with Your Business

Woocommerce offers many ways to expand in terms of your products, your customers, and how you manage your online store.  You can modify templates, both directly through theme files and through hooks and filters. You’ll also find a variety of APIs to build extensions—and an extensive documentation library to provide the support you need.

10. You’ll Be Joining the WooThemes Community

WooThemes is an established company, one with a track record of creating outstanding WordPress themes, extensions and plugins—not to mention the outstanding customer support (including employees you can actually talk to) they offer users in 19 countries around the globe. As a member of the WooThemes community, you’ll benefit from that support, including active community forums and useful video tutorials. 


Your online business is important to you—and Woocommerce is just one way to make it shine, and to help you achieve your key business objectives. Another is to partner with an experienced web design agency which will help you establish a powerful digital presence that truly connects with your audience. To learn more about the ways our web design and digital marketing services can help you boost your brand, grow your business and increase sales, contact us today.

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