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4 Reasons to Switch from Joomla to WordPress Web Design

Posted by Mark Fouche on Apr 13, 2017
Mark Fouche

If your company website is set up using Joomla, you are missing out on a number of unique advantages offered by WordPress. WordPress isn’t the most commonly used web design platform today for nothing: the fact of the matter is, WordPress has many strengths other web design platforms simply don’t have. If you’re still not sure, here are 4 reasons you should make the switch from Joomla to WordPress web design.

4 Reasons You Should Make the Switch from Joomla To WordPress Web Design

4 Reasons to Switch from Joomla to WordPress Web Design

1. Increased availability of features

WordPress is not only the most widely used web design software today, it is also open source, meaning that anyone who sees a need for a particular feature can develop it and make it available to others. This means that instead of a small team of developers looking for ways to improve the product, there are thousands and thousands of professionals continually updating and improving the software.

Regardless of what type of feature you need on your site, chances are pretty good that someone has developed a plug-in for it. This cuts down on the hassle and wait time when you identify a need for your website.

2. Increased security

Although you might think that a piece of open source software might increase the opportunity for malicious users to gain access to your site, actually the opposite is true. Because anyone with the knowledge and skills can identify security risks and close them, this means that WordPress is one of the most secure platforms available today. WordPress developers can easily update the security features of their plugins, and then website administrators can update their version of WordPress with the click of a button—meaning fast, simple, and effective security updates.

3. Website portability when moving from one developer to the next.

If you pay a website designer to create and maintain your website, and he or she uses some esoteric piece of software to do it, that means you’re pretty much stuck using that particular website designer. Should you decide you want to employ a different designer, you have to hope that he or she knows how to use the website software that was employed to create your site.

On the other hand, because WordPress is so widely used, it’s easy for you to move from one website designer to the next. Web developers across the planet know how to use WordPress, so you can rest assured that your next developer will be able to pick up and continue working where the last one left off. Imagine that: no more being held hostage by a web developer whose services you find to be less than stellar simply because you don’t want to pay someone else to start over from the beginning! 

4. Pixel Fish are WordPress experts!

Perhaps the best reason to use WordPress is that the people at Pixel Fish are experts with the platform. In case you haven’t heard,Pixel Fish is a Sydney digital agency specializing in web design and digital marketing. With a well-earned reputation for being among the best in their field, the people atPixel Fish know what it takes to make your website run smoothly, and what it takes to bring clients to your site.

When you opt to go with WordPress, you’re opting for a platform that the professionals atPixel Fish know inside and out. They can create your website from the ground up or, if you prefer, come in and tweak your existing one to maximize its effectiveness.

If you are interested in knowing more about WordPress, or if you would like to explore the ways that Pixelfish can help your business grow, contact us today!  We can’t wait to show you exactly how we earned our reputation for quality, excellence, and great customer service!

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