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Why delaying your new website is hurting your business

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Feb 24, 2016
Kevin Fouche

Designing a new website is a complex process, so it's easy to push it back until a later date. After all, the product you developed years ago is still online, so there is no reason to reinvent the wheel! 

Unfortunately, that all-too-common common sentiment does not hold water. In today's digital age, you need a fully up to date current website to exist and thrive in the digital space.

Why delaying your new website is hurting your business

Here are 8 excuses for not getting your new website done, and why they shouldn't hold you back.

1) I Don't Have the Time

No one does. But that doesn't mean you should not worry about high-priority projects, and your new website is undoubtedly one of them. Plus, if you find the right development partner, you won't need to spend much time in developing the new site.

2) My Current Website is Not That Bad

Are you sure about that? Does it offer responsive design, a crucial aspect in today's increasingly mobile-dominated internet environment? How about effective social media integration? If you take a look at your web analytics, do you attract the right amount of potential customers, and do they convert at a high rate. If you don't, or you don't know the answer, your current site may be worse than you think.

3) I Don't Have Enough Money

Another common mistake is to consider your website redesign a cost rather than an investment. It's true, looking at the initial price of a new website can scare especially small business owners with limited budgets. But do you know how much money you're losing through lost opportunities because of your current website's limitations? In reality, a new website will significantly improve your return on investment, and can pay for itself in less than a year.

4) No One Visits My Website Anyways

Here, you may simply confuse cause and effect. Chances are that the reason your website is not getting much traction is simply because it does not hold up to your audience's expectations. A non-responsive website, for example, can significantly hurt your search engine rankings and drive away otherwise interested audiences. If no one visits your website, you should have even more incentive to get a new one.

5) I Don't Have the Knowledge

Fortunately, you don't need it! Working with a trusted partner means they will take care of all the technical aspects of web design. You can give input, but it will be qualitative. Once we hand over the new site, it will be at a point where you don't have to know coding, HTML, or any other technical details.

6) I Don't Have Good Images

No matter where you turn these days, you read about the importance of visual content in digital marketing. So it can be easy to draw the natural conclusion that if your site doesn't include this type of content, it will not succeed. Lacking good images, though, should not be a reason against getting that new website. Your web design partner can help you get the images you need, to make sure your new site looks beautiful and attracts your target audience.

7) I Can't Write the Content

Especially as a small business owner, you may simply not feel comfortable enough in your marketing writing abilities to come up with the content necessary for an entire website. Fortunately, this is another aspect where the partnership with a web designer will come in handy! They know what content you need, as well as where and how to get it - and, in many cases, can even write it for you. 

8) I'm Just too Picky

Finally, a surprising number of business decision makers choose to not redesign or update their website simply because they fear that they are perfectionists who will not be satisfied with any results. If you think about it, that argument is actually counter-intuitive: if you are that picky, why are you continuing to work on an outdated website? In reality, your new site will satisfy your needs much more than your current one ever could.

Designing a website is not a novel that you have to stew over for years. It's a crucial business process, so you should take care to get it done sooner rather than later. 

If you find yourself saying one of the above statements, you may be in more dire need of a new website than you think. To alleviate your concerns about its impacts, and to get started in the process, contact us today.
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