As you browse websites scattered around the internet, you may have noticed that some include photos of employees. This often takes the form of "Meet Us" pages, or calls to "Meet The Experts."

So maybe you have given it some thought and asked yourself, "should I have photos of my staff on my website?

Should I have Staff Photos on My Business Website?

We'd love to tell you a simple, straightforward answer. But like many things in life, we can't. It's just not that easy, and there's no "one size fits all" rule.

It really depends on your company brand, industry, and website. For example, a restaurant with high turnover of wait staff and other employees might not want to feature their constant churn of new staff members. But a medical practice or consulting firm might want to highlight their employees to make prospective clients more comfortable and show off their human side.

Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with posting images of your staff members on your business website.

Staff Photos on My Business Website - Pros and Cons


  • Make Your Company Relatable: People want to interact with other people, not some faceless corporate entity. You can leverage this through photos on your website: although it may just be an image, seeing another person's face and knowing that they work there makes visitors feel a more human connection to the company. They may feel more comfortable reaching out when they think they know who will be answering their call.

  • Strengthen and Build Relationships: Speaking of phone calls, the telephone and email are both incredibly impersonal. People want to know who they're talking to, but remember that the vast majority of people don't want to participate in video conferences. So, photographs can bridge that gap and help build relationships with customers. 

  • Help with Recognition: You know how they say it's a small world out there? It's true. You never know when one of your employees will run into a prospective client or existing customer, perhaps at a conference or just in daily life. If the customer has seen a photo of the employee on your website, they're more likely to make the connection. And connecting with your clients is always a good thing.

  • Develop Your Brand: If part of your brand is that you are all about your people, including photos of your people is the logical next step. And done right, employee photographs can enhance your brand: whether that's showing your expertise through formal portraits of experts wearing suits, or showing your lighthearted side with fun, casual photographs. 


  • Consider the Privacy Implications: You never know who might be looking for your employees, so remember that your page will show up on Google results for their names. It's true that social media has the same problem, but employees have the ability to block specific individuals from seeing their information on those sites. There's no such privacy setting for your website, so anyone Googling their name can find their photograph, company, and any other information included on the page. 

  • Employee Turnover Problems: What do you do when an employee quits? This is particularly problematic if you upload a group photo. Do you try to edit or crop them out? Do you leave the photograph up as if nothing happened? Even individual portraits can be a problem if you have to always think about taking pictures down and uploading new ones whenever your staffing situation changes.

  • Potential Employee Concerns: You will need to collect consent from all of your employees if you want to use their photos. They may not want certain photographs uploaded if they don't think it reflects them well. Or, they may not want any images of them on the internet at all.

  • Branding Considerations: If your photographs don't match your branding, you could be in trouble. You will have to be very careful that the images' quality and personality match your company brand.

Still not sure if you should include employee photos on your site or not? Contact us for help.

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