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The Top 10 Social Media Post Types Your Business Should Use Today

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Sep 25, 2015
Kevin Fouche
Every social media manager knows: coming up with relevant content on a regular basis can be incredibly difficult. Simply posting regular links to your website won't do; your audience will stop engaging with your posts, your reach will plummet, and your efforts will be for naught.

The Top 10 Social Media Post Types Your Business Should Use Today

On the other hand, keeping your content fresh, diverse and up-to-date will do wonders for the success of your Facebook page or Twitter account. So without further ado, here are the top 10 social media post types your business should use for a varied and successful social media presence.

Top 10 Social Media Post Types

1. News and Announcements

Chances are if your business is on social media, you're already using this one to some degree. Making an announcement or sharing news about your brand should not just occur in the form of a news item or press release on your website. Your social media followers expect to be the first ones to know about these types of news, so be sure to share it with them first.

2. Personal, "Behind the Scenes" Content

In addition to posting news and announcements about your brand, another ideal way to improve the value of your social media accounts is sharing "behind-the-scenes" content about your business that personalises your brand. These can come in form of impromptu videos and pictures, profiles of your employees, or many other possibilities. By personalising your brand, you increase the emotional connection with your audience.

3. Questions

"Engagement" is the name of the game on social media. As we allude to in the opening paragraph, if your content isn't engaging, your reach will plummet thanks to Facebook's news feed algorithm, a lack of re tweets, and so on. The easiest way to get your audience engagement up is to ask a direct question. As long as it's not too difficult, and remains relevant to your brand, they'll feel compelled to prove their knowledge and answer the question.

4. Answering FAQs

Of course, you can also turn the question-asking around. If your business frequently gets questions about its products or services, why not start a regular series in which you answer some of the most frequently asked questions? Suddenly, your social media account will turn into a valuable resource even for confused or even unhappy audience members.

5. Discounts and Promotions

At this point, you may detect a theme with our social media post types so far. The point is to make your presence valuable and relevant to your users, and one great way to do just that is to offer network-specific discounts and promotions for your followers. As an added bonus, attaching these discounts to specific codes allows you to track just how successful your social media promotions were.

6. Content Curation

Of course, your audience will grow tired quickly if you continuously post about your brand. So be sure to regularly curate content from the industry. A cell phone accessory merchant may want to share updates about the newest smart phones from credible sources, while a local clothing boutique would be more interested in the newest fashion trends and events. Curating content allows you to keep your audience up-to-date about topics that reach broader than your brand, without having to leave your page. 

7. Jokes

Everybody needs some lightening up at times! We don't recommend overdoing it, but a joke every now and then can lighten the mood and distract further from the fact that social media is really a marketing tool. If the joke is specific to your industry as a type of "insider joke," all the better!

8. Contests and Crowd sourcing

Yet another great way to engage your users is to put them to work: ask them to showcase your product in unique situations, come up with a new cover image for your Facebook page, or other competitive examples. For a small prize, your users will be happy to comply, giving you not only great content for future social media posts but also potentially valuable material for future marketing campaigns.

9. Cross-Network Promotions

If you're active on more than one social media network (and chances are this will be the case), make sure to cross-promote your content every now and then. In other words, guide users from Twitter to Facebook for a current network-specific discount, or from Facebook to Instagram for a photo contest. As you probably know, your content should never be the same on multiple social media outlets. Cross-promotions allow you to spread the word about your multiple accounts, which in turn lets you target your audience will multiple, network-specific touches.

10. Brand Promotions

Finally, don't forget to promote your services and products on social media. There's a reason this item is last on our list of social media post types your business should use - too much of this, and your audience will become disinterested faster than you can spell "user engagement." Still, all the above types of content ultimately need to serve their purpose to spread the word about your products and services, and to aid in the process, it doesn't hurt to remind your audience just what it is you can offer them occasionally. 

How can your business use these post types to their advantage? How many of these post types are you currently using, and do you need help implementing a more varied post mix into your social media marketing? 

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