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Why should your business use WordPress?

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 3, 2014
Kevin Fouche

At Pixel Fish, we are massive fans of WordPress. Since 2011, we have exclusively built over 250 amazing websites for our clients using WordPress. What makes WordPress such a fantastic platform and why is it the worlds number 1 solution for new websites?

Why should your business use WordPress?

Why should your business use WordPress?

Firstly here are some Wordpress facts to kick off
• It was first released in 2003
• 75 Million Sites depend on WordPress
• WordPress accounts for 19% of all websites
• 25% of all new sites are built with WordPress
• 30,000 WordPress Plug-ins and Growing!
* For more info go view the Wikipedia Page

Secondly, you are in control
You can easily Add or remove pages
Insert Images, text, videos, links
Create a blog or news page
Choose your website functionality

Thirdly, here are 10 more amazing reasons why WordPress is our number 1 choice

1. WordPress is forward thinking and responsive with continual updates
2. WordPress is actually free and Open Source
3. Brilliant interface with an easy to use visual editor
4. Wide range of plugins add extra functionality to any site
5. Incredible range of themes to pick from
6. Google absolutely WordPress for SEO
7. Scaleable - so as your needs grow, so can your website with WordPress
8. WordPress loves your blogs by making it super easy to create your blog and maintain it
9. Easy to keep secure through updates
10. Well ...we use it so it must be good! That is why Pixel Fish use WordPress!

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