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5 Reasons to Regularly Review Your Business Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Aug 18, 2017
Kevin Fouche

When the web design is finished, the work is just beginning. It's tempting to think of developing a business website as a set and forget type of mechanism. But in reality, it's absolutely vital to regularly review your business website in order to maintain and improve its functionality and potential. Here are 5 reasons to make sure your website undergoes a regular review process.

5 Reasons to Regularly Review Your Business Website

1) Find and Fix Technical Errors

Few things are worse than the small technical errors that can ruin credibility and user experience. Regular reviews of your business website help you catch these errors, including (but not limited to):

  • misspellings
  • broken links
  • false redirects
  • missing content
  • missing metadata and much more.
A technical review can also help you catch and improve larger issues, such as a slow page load time - which could be a major reason why your audience is not responding to your website as positively as it should.

2) Improve Your User Experience

Ideally, your marketing strategy should be designed to continually help you learn more about your audience. From their general demographics to their responses to your ads, you can use these insights to improve the user experience on your website.

You might find, for example, that your audience is younger and more local than you realised. In that case, you can adjust your website's content to better appeal to this segment, ultimately improving your user experience, conversion rates, and overall marketing success.

3) Build and Improve Your SEO 

Search engine optimisation is amongst the most crucial considerations as you build your website. But it doesn't cease in importance once its finished; Google, for instance, constantly adjusts its algorithms to catch unethical SEO practices and improve user search experience.

Regularly reviewing your business website, then, is absolutely vital to maintain and improve your SEO standing. It helps you catch current issues, and adjust for changes like Google's upcoming Mobile First update. The result will be higher rankings and, in return, more visitors to your pages.

4) Adjust for Changing Audience Needs

Of course, search engines are far from the only entities that change over time. In fact, the above-mentioned Mobile First update is a perfect example of the fact that as the years go by, we browse the internet differently than we once did.

This particular update will be put in place because mobile searches on Google have now eclipsed their desktop counterparts, and are growing steadily. Another recent trend, ad blocking, has required website to put a heavier focus on educational rather than promotional content. Your website absolutely needs to account for these changing needs, which only regular reviews can accomplish.

5) Account for Business Growth

Finally, don't underestimate your business's own ability to grow and change. Over time, your core capabilities and value proposition may change or adjust. You may add new products or services to your inventory, or expand geographically. Whatever the case, your business website needs to grow with you.

That's because 81% of consumers, and 94% of business customers, conduct online research before making a purchasing decision. Your website will be a core part of that research function, which means that it absolutely needs to be both compelling and accurate. If you review your business website on a regular basis, you can accomplish both.

Building a great business website is only the beginning. Through regular reviews, you can improve the functionality, user experience, and marketing capabilities of your online presence. But of course, you might need a partner in making sure that you get not just the initial build right, but that every review that follows will improve your website one bit at a time. 

In that case, contact us. We would love to work with you on your new or existing website, ensuring that it will continue doing its job on helping you pull in visitors, convert customers, and grow your business.

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