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Retail therapy: Top 5 reasons your customers prefer to shop online

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Aug 21, 2015
Kevin Fouche

What makes online shopping the preferred choice for Billions of people worldwide?

Here are 5 compelling reasons your business simply can't ignore.

Retail therapy: Top 5 reasons your customers prefer to shop online

Here are our Top 5 reasons your customers prefer to shop online:

1. Convenience

Let's face it, shopping online is very convenient. You can do it any time and any where. Your customers are not limited to driving to your physical store, nor are they restricted by your trading hours.

By having an e-commerce offering for your customers you can allow them to browse and buy your products whenever it suits them, wherever they are.

Did you know: 96% of shoppers said they preferred online shopping for the convenience! 

2. Lower Prices

Since many online stores do not have the large overheads of the physical bricks and mortar retailers, it's not surprising to find they are able to pass on cheaper prices.

As you may know, rent and staffing can be a huge cost burden for stores. With these two obstacles removed, many online stores are winning over new customers with very competitive pricing.

Did you know: 80% of shoppers said they preferred online shopping for the prices!

3. Bigger Range

Since an online store is not restricted to actually stocking products in the same way a physical store is, online retailers can offer a much larger range of products than could be found in store.

This means customers can browse a very large collection of your products to find exactly what they are looking for. There is no excuse any more for not having enough range for your customers!

4. Privacy & anonymity

Ever wanted to buy something but was too scared to shop for it in person? Or perhaps you were wanting to surprise your partner for their birthday?

Online shopping has really enabled shopping in private with a level of anonymity in store purchasing cannot provide.

It may not be relevant for every business, but it certainly is worth noting.

5. Customer Satisfaction

One of the biggest developments in the past few years has been the way online stores have truly embraced customer satisfaction.

And what better way to do that than to make it as easy as possible for returning unwanted purchases which people either don't like or are the wrong size.

Many stores now offer free returns, which really has give their shoppers the confidence to spend away with little fear.


As you can see there are many benefits behind selling your business online. People around the world have truly embraced e-commerce.

Isn't it time you look into whether your business could do the same?

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