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10 Great Reasons to Use WordPress Web Design for Your Business

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Mar 16, 2017
Kevin Fouche

There is no shortage of web design platform choices, and determining which one to use can pose a challenge to even the most technologically savvy business owners. Here are 10 reasons to use WordPress web design for your company's website.

10 Great Reasons to Use WordPress Web Design for Your Business

A business, be it a small family owned operation or a larger corporation, simply must have a strong website to thrive in today's economy. Yet, when setting out to build a website, the choices can be overwhelming.

10 Reasons to Use WordPress

1. You don't need a computer science degree to understand it.

WordPress is known for being simple, intuitive, and easy to use. What's more, using it doesn't require any specialised knowledge or education. Simply use your web browser to create your website in minutes. If you run into something you're not sure how to do, a few minutes of research will answer your questions. It's that easy!

2. WordPress is open source

Unlike some website software that is proprietary to the company that created it, WordPress is an open source software. As such, thousands of people around the world are constantly tinkering with it and improving it. No more waiting months or years for one corporation to update its software; with WordPress, this is a continual process.

3. Editing your content is simple

Some software platforms require a complex process to change a single sentence or word on your website. Not so with WordPress: if you see a change you'd like to make, simply click a button, type in the new text, and update your page.

4. WordPress is adaptable

Unlike some website software that focuses on one core function and neglects everything else, WordPress is highly adaptable. Whether you're blogging, putting up videos, adding photo galleries, or something else, you'll find WordPress has a plugin aimed at getting it done.

5. SEO optimisation

The vast majority of businesses rely on search engine results to drive at least some of their traffic to their websites. WordPress is designed to optimise your search engine rankings with a minimal amount of tinkering on your end. Of all the reasons to use WordPress web design, this one is one of the strongest.

6. Strong security options

Even though WordPress is simple to use, it is very secure. The open source format of the software means more people, every day, are working to improve the security of this website design platform.

7. Many customisation options

Some website design software only allows you to select from a few options for your website templates. WordPress, on the other hand, offers virtually limitless options to change the appearance and function of your site.

8. Portable websites

If you use an esoteric piece of website software, and then decide to switch website design teams, there's a good chance you'll have to pay the new team to completely re-build your site from scratch. Not so with WordPress. As a universal platform, you can take your old website and ask your new development team to pick up where the old one left off.

9. Support for many forms of media

You'll never have to worry about whether your website will support this video format or that picture type. WordPress can handle virtually any type of media you wish to utilise.

10. WordPress is an established name

You don't have to worry about whether you're using a new piece of software that won't even be around in a few years. WordPress has been on the scene for more than a decade. During that time it has been refined and improved countless times over, and it will remain the premium website design platform for many years to come.

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