When you need help in your marketing efforts, it can be difficult to know where to turn. In fact, sometimes, you don't even know you need the help yet.

And yet, working with an inbound marketing agency will be immensely beneficial for your brand and marketing efforts, in more ways than one. 6 Key Problems an Inbound Agency Can Solve For Your Business

Here are 6 key problems an inbound agency can solve for your business.

1) Generating Quality Content

Given the rising importance of content-based marketing, a quality website and social presence is a must for business to successfully compete in a crowded market space. But both are only possible with high-quality content, and if you don't know how or don't have the time to generate that content, you could be in trouble.

Fortunately, an inbound agency can help you. Content marketing is a crucial part of the inbound philosophy, so your marketing partner can help you develop social media updates, web content, and blog posts that specifically appeal to your audience.

2) Getting Traffic To Your Website

How does your audience find out about your business? Chances are they will come across your website early in the discovery process. But even the best possible website won't matter much if your audience doesn't find it.

That's where the agency enters the equation. Through a holistic approach from social media to search engine optimisation, your partner can ensure that your business website receives the traffic necessary to drive and increase your brand awareness.

3) Converting Traffic Into Leads

Just as a website doesn't mean much without traffic, that traffic will not make an impact if you don't know how to convert it into leads and, eventually, customers. When visitors find you, they need a streamlined and consistent process that allows them to learn more about your brand.

This is where inbound marketing shines. Your inbound strategy will be optimised for conversions, through effective landing pages that include calls to action and landing pages for relevant content that is 'gated' behind a sign up form.

4) Guiding Leads Through the Funnel

Once these leads enter your database, it's not quite time to relax. On average, only 25% of the leads that enter your database are ready for your sales team to make contact, which means that three quarters of your leads need additional touches before they're ready to become customers.

To be successful, these touches need to be part of a consistent lead nurturing strategy that an inbound agency can help you plan and set up. Planning your nurturing messages as well as the timing of those messages is crucial for success.

5) Ensuring Message Consistency

From the first time they hear about you to the time they get the sales call, your potential customers will hear from and about you many times. During that time, a consistent message is key to success.

If you don't broadcast the same core message about your brand throughout the buyer's journey, you risk inviting cognitive dissonance that diminishes your credibility and goodwill. Only a consistent message that threads through all of your marketing and communication can help you succeed.

6) Integrating Marketing and Sales 

Finally, an inbound marketing agency can help you in one of the biggest challenges modern brands face: integrating the marketing and sales process. Both are traditionally separate, but need to be unified for the above-mentioned consistent message to take hold.

Making that connection can be complicated, but your inbound agency will know how to develop a strategy that makes it happen. Through closer integration, you increase the chance that your target audience completes their buyer's journey at high percentage rates.

In short, working with an inbound agency can help your marketing efforts in a variety of ways. From generating content all the way to improving the quality of your sales pitch, it helps unify your message an increase your conversions. To learn more about the benefits of working with an inbound marketing agency, contact us.

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