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What are Personalised URLs (PURLs) and Why You Should Be Using Them

Posted by Mark Fouche on Feb 20, 2018
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Modern day marketing happens on the web. From social media to e-commerce, most of your conversions will happen online. For this reason, wave after wave of new marketing techniques have revolved around ways to optimise a user's experience when locating and interacting with business websites. One of the most versatile innovations in web-based marketing is the PURL.

What are Personalised URLs (PURLs) and Why You Should Be Using Them

No, not the knitting stitch. PURL stands for Personalised URL, and can be used to create a customised landing page for every customer or seed source you reach out to. Each landing page has a slightly different web address under your domain, meaning that you can personalise the content that appears on your web page based on the unique address from which your users access with.

What are Personalised URLs (PURLs)?

When you make a website, it exists in a domain and you can have a near-infinite number of pages within that domain using URL extensions. While each page can be unique, most often they are dynamically generated from templates and database entries. One of the most common examples is of user profiles and account pages. This means that visiting "mysite.com/profile/user01" will give a different, but similar, result compared to visiting "mysite.com/profile/user05". The same method can be used for incredibly effective personalised marketing. Imagine that every user can visit a unique landing page made just for them that highlights the aspects of your business that will appeal to them most. This is how PURLs can turn an outbound marketing strategy into satisfied conversions.

Sending PURLs In Direct Mailers

If you get many of your customer leads from direct mail campaigns, PURLs can be an amazing way to take those initial curious readers directly into online sale conversions. Most direct mailers include a website to visit in order to sign up or receive more complete service, but what if every single mailer had a unique website listed? You can greet your new customers by name as they log in, because your website will know that the page they typed in is for a single intended client. For each recipient, their landing page can hold the information specifically targeted to convert them into new customers. From the pictures you use to the discounts you offer, your marketing campaigns can serve to personally entice each and every person who logs into the PURL on their mailer. 

The PURL Landing Page

The entire magic of the PURL is what you can do with the destination. You are sending a unique invitation to each of your clients, whether through email or printed mailers. They accept your initial offer the moment they click or type in the link, and you need to be ready with your message. Here is your opportunity to show them how your product can serve their needs and desires. Leverage every ounce of your marketing data and targeting reasoning.

PURL examples:

Let's say you're a travel agency, targeting people who have been recently browsing locations on your website. For each PURL you send out, key it to the locations they have been searching. You don't even have to be blatant, a beautiful background photo of Brazil or Hawaii might be all it takes to push them over the edge. Are they a parent? Follow up your teaser with a well-placed family discount package. If they're a single adult instead, offer a couples package, suggesting a subtle romantic opportunity with your targeted content.

Insurance companies, on the other hand, have the incredible ability to create personalised packages and quotes for each individual desired client. This allows you to tantalise your targets with deals that will appeal directly to their needs and relieve them of the boilerplate plan issues.

PURLs are what happens when marketers get their hands on perfectly normal web software. These user-unique web addresses are a fantastic way to leverage every precious lead. Now you can make sure that when a personally invited guest logs into your website, they see exactly the content that is most useful and desirable to them. Used correctly, PURLs can help you to significantly increase your conversion rate from readers to finalised sales.

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