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7 Ways Your Website Affects the Perceived Value of Your Business

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Oct 28, 2015
Kevin Fouche

Most people understand the importance of having well-decorated offices.  When a client comes to visit you at your office, you want them to feel impressed.  Not only do you want them to know that you’re efficient, you also want to show them that you’re good to work with, trustworthy and easy to talk to.

Your website is no different.

7 Ways Your Website Affects the Perceived Value of Your Business

If you work with one segment of the population more than others, you want your offices to correspond to their tastes.  For example, if your clientele is younger, you might want to have a hip look with retro touches.  If your clientele is older, you might want to have more dark polished wood which gives a rich but homey look.  Plus, you might want to use more neutral colours like grey and blue.

Just as you would decorate your offices to create a certain impression on your clients, you can also create a website to affect your customer’s perceived value of your business.  

7 Ways Your Website Affects the Perceived Value of Your Business

1. Insight into your Organisation

No matter what demographic you’re trying to appeal to, you still need to have an organised website.  It should be easy for your clients to find the information they are looking for.  This means that you have to make sure, first and foremost, that your content coincides with your headings.  People shouldn’t have to search to figure out how to contact you or order your product.

2. Showcase your Professionalism

Another thing you need to keep in mind when developing your website is that a certain amount of professionalism is key.  You can’t put up content that has spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can’t include wrong information about yourself, your product or your field.  

3. Visual Appeal

When someone goes to a website, they’re first going to see the images before they start reading the content.  So it’s very important for a website to have visual appeal.  Very few images and a lot of content will make you appear boring and stuffy.  So it’s a good idea to have a key image which represents what you’re all about.  If you can also include a short logo in a large font, people will be able to take away both, the image and the words, at one go.

4. Improves your Approachability

Many businesses don’t recognise this but their customers are looking for approachability.  They want to be able to read and understand your content.  They don’t want you talking down to them as though they’re not smart enough to understand what you’re saying.  Neither do they want you to use a lot of jargon that goes over their heads.  It’s a good idea to keep in mind that your customer may not be an expert in the field but is an intelligent layperson all the same.

5. Increases Trust

This is one of the key impressions you want to induce in your potential customer with the help of your website.  You want them to trust you enough to buy your product.  In order to create an impression of trustworthiness, you have to be trustworthy.  So it’s important to be honest about the quality and price of the product you’re offering.

6. Taste

This might seem like a somewhat nebulous idea but your website has to be tasteful.  It has to appeal to your audience in an aesthetic way.  If you’re selling women’s clothing, for example, it’s easy to come up with beautiful images that portray the qualities you’re trying to sell, like attractiveness, comfort, youth etc.  With other products, like kitchen equipment, it might be harder but it’s not impossible.  Keep your clientele in mind when you set out to make your website tasteful because different people have different ideas about what they’re looking for.

7. Long Term Potential

You don’t just want your customer to come to your website once, purchase what they need and then forget all about you.  You want to create a good enough impression that they will keep coming back whenever they need that product.  This means you should provide them with a seamless experience which takes in all the aspects of your website, from loading time to ease of ordering your product.

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