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10 Tips that Maximise Your WordPress Website Design ROI

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Dec 2, 2020

In our modern, digital environment, a top-notch website is no longer optional. Regardless of the size of your business or your industry, you need that website to attract potential customers, distribute information about your business, and focus your online marketing strategy.

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12 Tactics to Increase Your WordPress Website Speed

Posted by Mark Fouche on Nov 25, 2020

Website development has become a race at break-neck speed - but not to finish your web design. Businesses are joining the market, leaving, or reinventing their websites all the time. Instead, the race is for who can load the fastest page. Let's dive into the top WordPress tactics for improving the loading time for every page on your website.

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13 WordPress Security Features that Protect Your Users

Posted by Mark Fouche on Nov 18, 2020

Security for a business website is essential. Not only do you need a high-performing website that can't be hacked or interrupted - you also need strong defences for your user accounts. Today, we're here to highlight the top 13 WordPress security features available through today's plugins that will protect your user accounts.

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10 Best Practices for Installing New WordPress Plugins

Posted by Mark Fouche on Nov 11, 2020

A stable website is a valuable thing. Everyone wants a website that never shows an error, rarely slows down, and always delivers content or product orders the way it's supposed to.

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8 Cutting-Edge Web Design Trends to Incorporate Into Your Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Nov 4, 2020

The progression of web design has always rushed forward at a break-neck pace. In the last year, we've seen some incredible new web design trends appear and old favourite trends come back to light.

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