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5 Things You Should You Do Before Starting A Blog

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jun 6, 2019

Blogging can be vital to the success of your marketing. Targeted content cannot only support your business, but it can also reinforce your other marketing efforts.

Learning how to start a blog and write blog articles ensures you will have something to promote on social media. Blogging can position you as a voice of authority with your leads and customers, whilst providing the perfect opportunity for you to organically include those crucial calls-to-action to generate inbound leads.

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20 Essential HTML codes to know for your WordPress Website

Posted by Mark Fouche on May 29, 2019

There are a few essential HTML codes that every website owner should know. After all, basic HTML codes are foundational to everything on the Internet, including your WordPress website.

These codes are easy to master, and once you know how to use them we are sure you will find that you use them every time you add content to your site.

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Top 10 Small Business CRMs to Consider for Your Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche on May 22, 2019

As your business grows, as does the need for a Customer Relationship Management software program that will grow with you and your business. With growth comes the need for better organisation of information or to risk letting hot leads and valuable customers fall through the cracks.

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How to Choose The Best Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Posted by Mark Fouche on May 16, 2019

Using WooCommerce to sell products online means that you have access to all the major online payment gateways to collect your payments through easy to integrate plugins. So how do you decide which virtual payment channel is the right choice for you and your customers? We have compiled the best payment gateways for your WooCommerce website and how to choose the right one for your business. 

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Top 15 Most Common Website Errors

Posted by Mark Fouche on May 8, 2019

Web users are used to being presented with a HTTP error message, usually when a page they were attempting to access fails to load correctly. To determine why you received an error message and how to fix the issue, you need to understand what the various error codes mean. We have compiled the Top 15 Most Common Website Errors: what they mean, what causes them and how to fix them.

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