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8 Proven Successful Online Store Product Types

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 28, 2015
Kevin Fouche

Amazing products are at the heart of every thriving online store. With so many choices available to you, how do you know which is the right one? 

Here are 8 successful online store product types to help you find your perfect product.

8 proven successful online store product types

Whether it be a convenient service, popular download or incredible physical product, it is imperative that your product is the right one. How do you know if your idea is strong enough to sell online? How will you find your golden online offering? 

The very first step along your online journey is to research your opportunities and find your perfect product.

In this blog, we'll take a look at 8 proven successful online store product types. Understanding these 8 product types is crucial to helping you recognise your opportunity.

8 Proven Successful Online Store Product Types

1. Be a Trend Setter

Since the dawn of time there have always been new tends popping up. If you can successfully be at the forefront of these trends, there can be success to be had. As our world moves faster and faster in this digital age, there are opportunities to come up with new offerings to cater these trends. Best of all, a business that can stay at the cutting edge of trends will be seen by others and remain top of mind.

2. Turn your experience into a product

Successful online stores are quite often based on the business owners previous expertise. This is a great way to capitalise on your years of experience and turn your knowledge into a successful online product or service. This is perfect on 2 levels; Firstly you are not trying to start from the ground up in a whole new field, and secondly you can appeal to your existing connections with new online offerings and leverage off your existing reputation.

3. Find a Market Gap

Finding a gap in the market can be a very lucrative opportunity. This may involve sensing there is a deficiency in the current competition, a pricing opportunity or a unique offering not currently available at all. If you can successfully research the market and come up with a product with little competition you could have a golden product at your finger tips.

4. Follow you Heart

It may sound like common sense, but sometimes your ideal product could be sitting right under your nose. Take time and think about what really makes you tick. What is your passion in life? Selling something you are genuinely excited about is a great way to make money and keep you motivated. Best of all, you will be able to truly connect with your customers as they will have the same interest as you do!

5. Sell to their Passion 

Did you know people spend far more money on their passions and hobbies than on products they have no emotional connection with? Just think about the world of fashion and how much money people spend on their clothes, shoes, watches and handbags. This also extends to hobbies such as fishing, golfing, computer gaming etc. People are always happy to part with a bit more money when its for something they absolutely love!

6. Solve a Pain Point 

Have you ever been midway through a frustrating situation and had a light bulb moment when you thought "If only someone made something for this!". A terrific way to create a unique and desirable product is to solve people's problems. Some of the world most amazing products (Think Liquid paper or Sticky notes) have arisen from common everyday pain points. So start thinking about what product you could come up with that could save people time, money, frustration or even physical pain! Basically improve their life and be helpful.

A fantastic example of this is Butter Up, who have created a knife that spreads hard butter with ease.

7. Build Your Brand 

Same same... but different! Capitalise on something that is already out there. A proven successful model is to create your own unique brand, one that gives your range of products its own identifiable feel. Stand out from the competition by being sophisticated, fun, edgey or affordable. This is a great way of selecting a product in an already popular segment, which has proven customers. By giving your business its own brand you can attract your own legion of loyal customers.

A terrific case study of this is Glorious Difference have created their own range of distinct designer picnic rugs.

8. Keyword Search Opportunities

Organic search traffic can prove to be a goldmine of opportunity. If done effectively, Google and other search engines can reward you with substantial website traffic. 

Looking for Keyword Search Opportunities involves deliberately researching for a product based on the keywords people are using to find them. The key is to identify keywords that are high in volume, yet low in competition. This process can be quite technical and time consuming, so be prepared to learn some basic SEO knowledge along the way. 

Understanding which potential product types are out there is a great place to start your search for your product. Take the time you need, as selecting the right product is crucial for your success!

Good luck!

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