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Does your business understand the modern consumer?

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Feb 28, 2014
Kevin Fouche

Does your business understand the modern consumer?

Understanding the modern consumer is one of the biggest keys to running a successful business. And with so much business being done online it is more important than ever to understand the ever changing modern customer. 

Does your business understand the modern consumer?

Whether they are transaction with you via E-Commerce, finding your address through Google or just browsing your website online, consumers are utilising the power of the web to do more and more.

Understanding the online habits and getting into the head space of the modern consumer is vital in reaching your target market.

Here are a few key points that will helpfully assist you in improving your business through knowledge of today's consumer.

Does your business understand the modern consumer?

Comfortable with Technology
People are far more comfortable with technology and the use of online resources to search, shop and do business. Well gone are the days of people being sceptical to transact online . The growing number of people over the age of 60 that readily use the internet for many of their daily tasks is a tribute to this.

However, many smaller businesses are still of the believe that their older customers don't use technology and hence being online is irrelevant. Research is now showing that as a society Australians are incredible technology adopters and hence businesses of all shapes and sizes should seriously consider their online presence and promotion. Ignore technology at your peril.

Time Poor
With life getting constantly more and more hectic, the common complaint is we are all time poor. Is this a myth? Well in some ways yes. People are time poor for things that they are not interested in, they however do make time for things they enjoy.

Businesses need to realise to succeed. If through your services or products you can help them by giving them back more time for their enjoyment, then you will have a greater chance of success.

Up to Speed
Finally Australia is getting up to speed with the rest of the world with our broadband speed - and hence online activities such as video streaming and large downloads are becoming more accessible and pain free for our internet users.

This is opening up the doors to many businesses who require the streaming of video or the downloading of large documents from their website. Faster speed means more efficiency and ultimately increased revenue for businesses everywhere!

Getting Social
More and more Australians are living their lives through their social media accounts. Personal accounts through FaceBook and professional accounts through LinkedIn have proved extremely popular and businesses are ramping up their efforts to target their customers in these sites.

Remember that people who use social media for their personal lives also use it for their purchases and business! In fact, 90% of businesses reported having a budget allocated for Social Media

Mobile devices accessing the internet have already overtaken traditional PC's. The use of portable devices to access the internet has skyrocket especially since the phone speeds have increased and Free WiFi is becoming more readily available everywhere. Simply put, businesses need to make sure that their websites are mobile friendly.

Due to Apples clash with Adobe, unfortunately gone are the days of funky flash animated websites. And many businesses don't realise their flash sites don't even appear on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.

More importantly, Google has place significant importance on websites that are Mobile responsive in design and have been rewarding those websites.

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