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10 Benefits of Mobile Friendly Web Design

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Feb 17, 2016
Kevin Fouche

In today's fast-paced society, a mobile friendly design for your website is critical. More customers than ever before are accessing websites using their smart phones and tablets instead of taking the time to get to a computer.


If you're on the fence about the importance for your business, check out these 10 business benefits of mobile friendly web design.

Benefits of Mobile Friendly Web Design - Our Top 10 list!

1. Google penalises businesses that don't have mobile responsive pages

You want your business to be at the top of the search results any time someone in your area searches for your business. Google is serious about putting mobile friendly results at the top. They even have a link to check the mobile responsiveness of your site. 

2. You'll attract more viewers

Around 40% of the traffic to most websites is now from mobile devices. That means that 40% of your users need a mobile responsive design in order to engage with your web page. Many mobile users will simply click away from a page if it doesn't respond the way they want it to on a mobile device.

3. You'll avoid duplicate content penalties to your SEO ranking

Having two copies of your website--one for traditional computer users and one for mobile users, for example - is penalised by Google, too. It wants to see unique content, and if you're duplicating your website, you're not providing its view of unique content.

4. Make it easier to manage your content

Duplicate copies of your content isn't just hard on your search rankings. It's also hard on the time and energy spent on your website. Instead of having to enter new information twice, wouldn't it be nice to do it once and then be done?

5. Take advantage of the features offered by mobile browsing

Your customers' phones can provide their location, open the door for an app download, and plenty more. As you're designing your web page, taking these extra features into account can make a big difference.

6. Make it easier for mobile users to access content off-line

Mobile users may not have full-time access to the internet, but they can still choose off-line reading of important content. Using a mobile responsive design makes that much easier.

7. Online shopping is made easier through mobile friendly design

If your website is clunky or hard to load on a mobile device, customers might choose to put off a purchase until they're able to get back to their computers--or even skip it entirely. You'll miss out on a lot of purchases with a website that doesn't work smoothly on a mobile device. 

8. Your analytics will all be in one place

No more combining sets of data to fully understand your customers' browsing habits, where they come from, or how effective your current marketing campaign has been! All of your data will be in one place.

9. You don't want to fall behind the competition

If your competition doesn't yet have a mobile responsive website, great! You're ahead of the game. On the other hand, you don't want to be the last one to update your site.

10. It will keep your website prepared for the future

Mobile browsing is likely the future of the internet. Increasingly more individuals are choosing smart phones and using tablets. Providing them with the service they need to keep using your website is just good business sense--not to mention preventing you from needing to completely redesign your website in the future.

Watch our video on Mobile Responsive Website Design: 'Get Mobile or Get Lost'

Mobile friendly web design is no longer the trend of the future. It's the trend of the present, and keeping up with it is critical to maintaining the success of your business. If you need help improving the mobile responsiveness of your website, contact us!

We'd love to help you take advantage of all the benefits mobile friendly website design has to offer.

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