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The Vital Role of your Logo and Website Design

Posted by Mark Fouche on Oct 1, 2015
Mark Fouche

The vital role of your logo design in your website should never be underestimated, despite the tendency to focus on other imagery and even video.

Even with those elements of web design, simplicity is a major trend now while still having a level of quality.

The Vital Role of your Logo and Website DesignWith flat design one major part in helping bring a classy simplicity, logos can look even better as a result. Yet, a logo is what your first-time visitors see the minute they call up your home page.

More than skin deep: The Vital Role of your Logo and Website Design

If you haven't placed a logo on the header of your main page, you're playing risk on assuming a visitor will understand who you are with other media. A logo, either online or off, encapsulates everything you stand for in one small piece of art.

Yes, you might want to take notice of the word "small." Anyone with experience creating logos knows that you shouldn't create an overly large logo. The reasons behind that have to do with how you'll use that logo later, as well as space reasons on your home page.

Beyond that, you have to ask yourself how you can compress everything about your company into a small-sized logo. It's a creative challenge, but it comes easier when you do some study about who you really are and have an artistic frame of mind.

Finding Your Company Message

It's important to look at what you really stand for and how you can express it in a small amount of space. However, keep in mind that it's not always about you. You have to look at your logo from how the viewer perceives it.

You should keep this frame of mind for all of your web design, which isn't always easy when you're thinking about how to express yourself. Through your own expression, think about what your goals are and what type of objects, colours, or even amorphous graphics could represent you in the most compelling way.

If you think you have too many messages to impart in your company, it's best to audit yourself and consolidate what you want to do. Too many messages could confuse any attempt at creating a logo that makes sense.

Objects and Mascots

Finding objects or even mascots to represent you in a logo can sometimes look contrived if you aren't careful. You don't want to use clip art, or your logo can end up looking overly basic and cheap. Instead, think of more creative objects you could use to represent your company.

In some cases, you may not even need an actual object and perhaps an impressionistic graphic design that stands for your essence. When you do this, colour is going to make a big difference in public perceptions.

This isn't to say that colour isn't already important in everything related to how people assimilate your logo design.

The Psychology of Colour

Plenty of tutorials are available online telling you which colours make the most impact on customers. Generally, the rule is that bold colours project more trust, even if it gets more complex when you start doing colour combinations.

A smart way to do some branding in your logo is to use colours used on your products. When you do, your logo sticks in the memory more, especially when people start buying from you. Whenever they see your logo in offbeat locations, they'll know instantly who you are.

Making Your Logo Conform to Other Media

After you create your logo, it's time to think about how malleable it is in different formats. Considering your logo could turn up in different places, you'll be forced to make it smaller, larger, or even reshaped. How does the logo look when in those different sizes and shapes?

Take this seriously because if the logo doesn't translate well in another format, you could create brand confusion that only muddles your intended message.
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