A website that lacks an appealing design and layout will give a bad first impression and ultimately drive away business. So what are key web design attributes that you should include in your company's website?

Key Web Design Attributes your next website must have

Starting a new business is no easy task.  As a business owner, you must address all the different working parts to make sure your company is successful in the long-term.  One of those important components is your company's website. Creating a great web design establishes credibility and portrays an image of success to your customers. 

3 Key Web Design Attributes

1. Functional and Organized Layout 

Your website's layout should not leave a customer frustrated and confused.  From the moment the customer lands on your homepage, navigation through the pages should be intuitive.  Each page must have a consistent theme (background, colors, writing style) that nicely ties together the entire website.  Refrain from placing too many links on each page as this will be overwhelming and may turnoff potential customers.  

Another very important consideration for your website is to make sure that it is mobile friendly. More and more users are using mobile devices such as smartphones, and tablets to access websites. Not only will you appeal to a market of customers who prefer that kind of flexibility, but your website will rank higher in search engine rankings. 

Incorporate an F-pattern design for reading web content. The Nextweb states "The F refers to the reader first scanning a horizontal line across the top of the screen, as is understandable for cultures that read left-to-right. Next, the user scans a vertical line down the left side of the screen, looking for keywords or points of interest in the paragraph’s initial sentences or subsection titles. When the reader finds something they like, they begin reading normally, forming horizontal lines." The F-pattern is a popular layout in websites, particularly text heavy sites, as it takes advantage of the visitor's natural inclination to read from top to bottom and left to right.  

2. Leave Out the Clutter

Websites that try to cram too much information on them are a big turnoff to customers.  Imagine visiting a website in search of one particular item, and getting so bogged down in images and information that you just give up and leave. A clean and simple web design can actually speak volumes for your company. What do you really need to communicate?  What is the goal of your website? Keep in mind that many times less is more.  

Take it a step further and incorporate a concept known as "white space".  Basically it means that you don't try to fill every available space on your website with information, graphics, or links. This doesn't mean that the empty space must be white, but that it should just be empty. Visitors to your website can then read it more easily, understand it more clearly, and focus on what's important.

3. Aesthetics are Important

Don't add too much pizzazz to your website, but do make it interesting with color schemes, graphics, and font types and size.  Carefully choose a color that conveys the emotion you want to come across. If your business is global, does your color send the right message in other parts of the world?  If you already have a company logo, consider tying those colors into your web design.  Make sure that your text color contrasts nicely with your background color and that the text is easy to read. Use bright colors sparingly. 

Font size and types are also important to creating an overall pleasant look and feel to your website.  Don't use font types that are too fancy and difficult to read.  The standard font types that most people use are still Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman.  Also, don't be afraid to use larger font sizes where needed to get visitors' attention.  

Images are a must and without them, your website will come off as dull and unappealing. Vibrant and eye-catching images will help draw your visitors in. Use professional graphics and photos if at all possible.  But if you can't afford a stock image service, there are free images available on the web. 

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