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Inject Personality into Your Website Design and Stand Out online

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Feb 15, 2016
Kevin Fouche

How do you inject your personality into your website and stand out from the crowd?

Let’s face it. Most business websites are a boring recitation of facts about a particular company with an extra helping of hype about how wonderful the firm and its products and services are and a little bit of stock photography to pretty things up. If someone is not actively searching the web for information, most business websites don’t provide a reason for the casual Internet surfer to stay and linger.

How to Inject Your Personality into Your Website and Stand Out from the Crowd

The best way to keep people reading your content and not fall asleep or, worse, click away is to infuse your website with personality. That way the person viewing the website will have an experience similar to interacting with a real human being. It also shows that your company not only has something to sell but has a heart behind it.

How advertising with personalities work

Some of the most memorable advertising have real people in them selling the product or service. Whether that person is a celebrity like William Devane selling silver coins or a fictional character named Flo selling insurance, having real people in an ad infuses the company and what it has to offer with a personality that makes them more memorable.

To take this to the logical conclusion, the late Victor Kiam, the owner of Remington Products, used to appear in that company’s advertising a boasted that he so loved Remington razors that he“bought the company.” Those ads from the late 20th Century were not only infused with a personality but imparted a message that the owner was the best customer of the product.

As with advertising, so with a corporate website. But how best to infuse your website with a memorable personality?

4 Ways to Inject Personality into Your Website 

1. Ensure the Text in your website is written in conversation style

The Promote My Place site suggests writing informally when setting up text for a website. The writing should be of a particular style and tone of voice to make it stand out from the crowd. Digital Business adds that you should always use personal pronouns, such as “I” to refer to yourself and “you” to refer to a customer. In that way, the text on the website resembles more of a conversation rather than a dry recitation.

2. Keep it professional and authentic

Amy Porterfield writes that professionalism and authenticity are two of the most important qualities when telling your company’s story. These qualities build trust between the company and its customers. People who are professional and authentic will be seen by their customers as not only providing a quality product, but also an enjoyable customer experience.

3. Embrace your 'About Us' Page

The best way to introduce yourself as the owner and CEO of the business that the website is advertising is in the about page. Introduce yourself as if you were introducing yourself to another human being, either in a social setting or a business meeting. Tell your customers how you came to be in the business you happen to be in. Tell them why you find running the business fulfilling. Write the About Page as if you are telling your story, which in effect you will be.

Here's how to improve your About Us Page.

4. Use videos and images

Many corporate websites use stock images, of people in suits or the picture of the corporate headquarters. Instead, try to make your images unique. They could be, for example, a picture of the product you’re selling, perhaps with a Twitter hashtag. A picture, so the adage goes, tells a thousand words. Make the images part of the company’s story. Here are some Tips for Choosing Great Stock Images

Videos should be approached in the same way. A video of you sitting down and telling the customer about the company and what it sells would be easy to produce. If you want to shell out a little money, you could put up a mini-documentary about how your product comes into being, from design, through the factory, and finally to the retail outlet. Here are 10 Ways for Using Video on Your Website.


The best way to judge whether your corporate website has a winning personality is to judge whether it appeals to you. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer when reviewing the website. If it holds your interest, it will likely hold the interest of your customers as well.

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