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5 Great tips for improving your organic Google ranking

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Apr 20, 2011
Kevin Fouche

Every business wants to climb the almighty Google ladder and reach top position in their search fields.

Purchasing Adwords is one way to climb but it comes with a cost. Besides costing you in the hip pocket, you also need to be aware that to stay at the top takes dedication, and in the case of Adwords inevitably more money. So what ways should your business be looking at to improve your organic Google Ranking?

5 Great tips for improving your organic Google ranking

One of the best ways to climb in Google is to do it organically, and by this I mean without having to pay for advertising. Climbing to the top organically does take time, but your climb is genuine and is built on a solid foundation as your online presence grows and gains popularity through searches.

Remember, there is no magic wand, nor can any one ever guarantee you to get to the top, but there are some solid tips to follow to give your business the best chance.

5 Great tips for improving your organic Google ranking

1. Produce Quality Website Content

Remember above all else quality is king. Constantly update your site and provide your customers via your website and blog with interesting and relevant information about your business and industry. Be informative, educational and exciting. The best communication is one, which captures your audience. Remember people know when they are being sold something so try avoid selling language. This will ensure people want to read about your business, pass it around and want to find out more. Be better than your competition!

2. Keep increasing your Website Size

Keep growing and growing! Updating and expanding your website will help improve your organic google ranking over a continued period of time. Update your site and its blog weekly, fortnightly and monthly to ensure it stays relevant.

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3. Embrace Social Media 

Set up, maintain and update your businesses Social Media pages regularly with relevant interesting information for your customers. This will help build your businesses awareness and drive traffic to your website.

4. Blog, Blog, Blog

Create your own blogs with articles that appeal to your audience and industry. Attach a blog to your website, link it to your social media site and even distribute your blogs for other web sites to use. Throughout all of these blogs, make sure you reference link back to your site so people can find out more about you and your business.

5. Focus on your SEO

Research and choose the relevant SEO keywords to put into both the back end and front end of your website. The more relevant and specific you can be the better as it you will attract the right searches and end customers. remember - nowadays optimising your website through SEO research and relevant website is more important than ever!

Another key point to note, should you be considering building yourself a new website is to consider a WordPress Site. WordPress's SEO is widely know to be very good at registering online and gives you a great chance of improving your Google standings.

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