It’s easy to sell your product on a website. You take a few photographs, write down all its specifications and give people the option to pay with a variety of credit cards.

Packaging business services may not necessarily be so easy. You can’t sell a service over the internet; you have to get your customer to come to your place of business. Or you might have to go over to their home to give them the service required. Either way, some kind of personal contact is needed, which isn’t the case with products. Here's how to package up your services online.

How to Package up Your Services on Your Business Website

Still, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need a website when you’re selling services. You just need to take a different approach to digital marketing. You need to set up your digital presence in a different way.

How to Package up Your Services on Your Business Website:

Get Specific

What exactly are you offering your customer? Merely saying “cleaning services,” “plumbing services,” or “landscaping services” isn’t going to cut it. You need to be more specific about what you mean.

For example, if you’re offering cleaning services, you can tell your customers that you will vacuum their homes, do their laundry, clean their surfaces, do their dusting, get rid of grease from their ovens and restore their bathrooms to a sparkling condition. It’s ok to list even the smallest of tasks that go into cleaning a home because people want to know whether you’ll do these things for them.

How often will you go to their home to clean? What are your timings? How much do you charge? It’s important to be as specific as possible about all these things but especially about the services you provide.

Be Clear

People who are looking for services want to make their lives easier, not more difficult. So it can be really tiring to have to read a bunch of jargon that doesn’t make any sense. Instead, it’s better to be clear in your language.

For example, it’s possible that the cleaning services you provide will get rid of a bunch of different types of germs from people’s homes, making them healthier to live in. But no one wants to read about the different types of bacteria that live in their surroundings and the health hazards that result from them. They just want to hear that you’ll disinfect their homes.

Make your language as simple as possible so that people will read what you write, pick up the phone and call you.

Be organised

You can’t lump all your information together in one section of your website. You have to divide it up in an organised manner.

For example, if you’re providing cleaning services, you could have one section on cleaning each room of the house. When the customer clicks on the “living room” tab, they’ll get all the information required for cleaning the living room. If they click on “bedroom,” they’ll get the information they need about cleaning the bedroom. Plus, you can have separate tabs for special types of cleaning, cleaning rates etc.

The information you present should be easy to read. This generally means dividing it up into subheadings. You can also use lists or bullet points. Plus, it helps when relevant, striking photographs accompany the text. Many services also present people with before/after pictures so that they can see the results of the service.

Call to Action

No matter how organised you are and how beautiful your website looks, it’s not going to have much of an effect if there is no call to action. Make sure that you link back to your “contact us” page from each section of your website. This way, the customer will read all your information and will have the option to call you right away, before they forget about it.

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