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How to Generate More Website Traffic Through Your Business Blog

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jan 21, 2016
Kevin Fouche

It's common sense, today, that if you're a business you need to have a blog somewhere on your website. A blog makes your business more approachable, it can help make a connection with your readers, and it can make you look like an expert in the field instead of just another storefront on the endless, virtual mall of the Internet.

How to Generate More Website Traffic Through Your Business Blog

However, if you expect your blog to generate traffic for your business, then you need to get people to actually read the things you're writing. Here are some simple tips to do that.

How to Generate More Website Traffic Through Your Business Blog

Tip #1: Guest Post Somewhere With Better Visibility

If you're just starting out, then your blog doesn't have a big fan base of its own. A good way to change that is to write a guest post for a blog that's more famous, and which has a much bigger audience. This A) endears you to the owner of that blog, because you're writing a post for him or her, and B) it puts your work front and centre in the spotlight.

All you need to do is put a link to your own blog in the guest entry, and people who like your style will trickle in to see what else you're creating.

Tip #2: Interweave Your Social Media

"Get on social media," is a common piece of advice, but getting your blog seen and read regularly means you have to do more than just create a profile and hope for the best. In order to get your social media to work to the best of its ability you need to post regularly, network with as many groups and individuals as possible, and make sure that you cross-promote yourself.

For example, you should let your readers know in your blog posts that they can follow you on Facebook, or find you on LinkedIn, which will allow them to become more regular readers. The more exposure you have, the more people will check back when you update your blog.

Tip #3: Update on Time, and Don't Burn Yourself Out

One of the biggest keys to getting followers on your blog is to maintain a regular update schedule. If your readers know that you post every Friday, then you're more likely to see an influx of traffic on those days while readers check to see if you've put up your new entry yet.

Additionally, you need to make sure you don't drop the ball on quality when it comes to your blog. If you can update three times in a week while maintaining a solid word count, and without running out of topics to post on, then you should feel free to do so.

However, if you really don't have the time and effort to dedicate, then there's nothing wrong with just writing one or two blog posts a week. You need to feel out your time and dedication, and find what you're capable of putting out regularly. Readers will respond better to high quality delivered less often, than low quality showing up every few days.

Tip #4: Don't Trust to Text Alone

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is more likely to suck your readers in so you can give them the rest of the update. Sprinkling a few, interesting images and video into every blog post is a good way to keep your readers entertained, and to break up huge blocks of text so they're easier to digest. It makes the reading feel easier, which means readers are more likely to come back over and over again.

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