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How to find the perfect Niche for your eCommerce Product

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Aug 5, 2015
Kevin Fouche

So you have stumbled upon your world beating online product idea. How will you know how to sell this product if you don't exactly you are selling it to?

Let's jump in and learn how to find the perfect Niche for your eCommerce Product.

How to find the perfect Niche for your eCommerce Product

A niche is all about finding the exact target market or demographic for your product. The more precise you can be, the more targeted you will be and hence the more likely you are going to connect with your audience and sell your beloved product to them.

If you try be too open, you will likely appeal to no-one, and if you are too narrow, you find yourself with a product that has very limited mass appeal. So how do you proceed in finding your target audience?

4 Ways to Find Your Target E-Commerce Audience

1. Know your audience

Even though you are selling an online product, it is key to remember, that like you, your customers are very real people. Real people with real budgets, real needs, real interests and real problems.

What all of this means is you need to carefully take the time to think about who you want to sell to and how they want to be sold to.

Think about:
• Demographics - How old are my customers? Where do they live? How much money do they earn? What are their interests? Where do they look online?
• Pricing - How expensive will my product be? What will be my perceived value? Is my product to be considered luxurious, good value, affordable or cheap?
• Positioning - How will my products value and branding be perceived by people? What sector do I want to play in? Is my product known for reliability, affordability or quality?

Don't be caught in 'no-man's land' whereby your product are pricing are so in the middle that they appeal to no-one. Here is a great blog for reference:

2. Google away

Google can be a great tool to help you narrow down what sector you want to appeal to. 

One little industry trick is to type into the search bar the start of your product and see what Google Pops up. ie. If you are selling Tinted Windows type in "Tinted Windows for" and see the range of options. (See the image below)

How to find the perfect Niche for your eCommerce Product

This may open up some great Niche sectors you never thought of. In this case maybe you could specialise in selling tinted windows for privacy at home.

3. Keyword Research

A great next step could be to take all of the suggestions from Google and compile them into a list. Then using the Google Webmaster Tool analyse which terms have high search volumes and low competition. You may very find that there is an opportunity to sell your product to a particular market that you never thought possible.

4. Brainstorm

Finally, another well known technique is to do what is commonly known as a mind map.

mind map is a visual diagram used organise and brainstorm ideas and information. Start by placing your central product idea in the middle of the page and then thinking up all related terms, topics, uses, niches around it to build out a usable visual diagram. It is a terrific way to flesh out your idea and you may very come up with a perfect target market for your product from the process.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_map

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I hope that the above 4 ideas above help you find your products niche. You find that one technique works better than others or a combination of all 4 will help you narrow your target market.

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