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How Sky Muster and the NBN help your Business take off

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Dec 16, 2015
Kevin Fouche

Australia has a small population, especially when compared to other countries who are world leaders in industries across the board. This never stopped Australia from being competitive in many areas, including the space industry. 

How Sky Muster and the NBN help your Business take off

In 1964, Australia was one of the founding members of the International Satellite Telecommunications organisation (INTELSAT). In 1979, Australia co-founded the International Maritime Satellite organisation (IMMARSAT). Australia's first satellite, the WRESAT, was launched in 1967. This made Australia the seventh country worldwide to launch its own satellite. 

In 1985, the launching of two communication satellites, Aussat A1 and Aussat A2, provided broadcast and telecommunications services throughout the country. 

Australia is no stranger to breakthroughs in the satellite and communication industry. Maybe this should not come as a surprise, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. With a small population spanning a large landmass, need has pushed Australia to the forefront of the industry. With NBN's Skymuster, the country is once again breaking grounds. The satellite is expected to "deliver crucial internet connectivity for rural and remote Australians." 

This could be major for internet connectivity around the globe. Though it seems like we are all hyper connected, there are major populations that do not have the connectivity that so many of us take for granted. Consequently, the "NBN satellite platform will be watched by governments and telecom operators around the world to see the social and economic impact of providing universally available high-speed broadband."

So how can the Sky Muster and faster broadband from the NBN help your small business website? Even if you are already highly connected, you will see benefits in four major ways.

  • Increased productivity  The Sky Muster will mean the ability to get more done in a shorter amount of time. It will mean new employment opportunities and the potential for existing staff to take on greater responsibility. Increased productivity will be a direct result of NBN's improved performance. Improved operational efficiency will change the way you do business. 
  • Reduced costs  The Sky Muster's high-speed will allow users to fulfil the potential of using cloud based services. You will have more access from more devices at a lower cost. 
  • Access to new markets  You are not the only one who will be benefiting from the Sky Muster; your customers will be as well. The widespread availability of fast broadband will mean more opportunity for your product and brand to be discovered. With the breakdown of geographic barriers, your local market potential will have the freedom to flourish. 
  • More potential for collaboration  Do not let locale stop you from bringing together the best possible team for your business. With increased connectivity, you will no longer be limited by location. Work with people across continents at the click of a button. By increasing the range of people you work with, you will also be introduced to new resources and ideas that you would not otherwise have encountered. 
  • Stronger connection with customers  Better broadband means better customer relationships. You will be able to meet with clients online through HD video conferencing. Even better, solving customer service issues will be quick and painless. Customers will find that they have ease of access to you and your brand, thus cultivating customer loyalty. 

Faster broadband in Australia will produce a butterfly effect that will allow small businesses to flourish. Your company will become more productive, visible, and available to customers all at an affordable cost. 

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