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What are Landing Pages and how do Landing Pages Work?

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Aug 6, 2015
Kevin Fouche

Landing pages may have recently appeared on your digital marketing radar.

With more focus every year on digital lead generation, what are landing Pages? And more importantly how can they work for my business?

What are Landing Pages and how do they work for business?

So what exactly are Business Landing Pages?

Landing Pages essentially are a collection of additional website pages who's sole purpose is to convert visitors into potential leads. They act as a series of web hooks for your business, sitting out there online waiting for people to find them.

Every landing page always contains a key content hook (such as an eBook, White Paper, Webinar etc) and a form to collect visitors information for your business.

The principle behind Business Landing Pages is that the more quality landing pages you have online, the more opportunities you can create for your business.

How do Landing Pages work for business?

Think of Landing pages as the hard working digital sales reps for your business, working away 24/7 to build leads.

They work in 2 key ways;

  1. To collect valuable contact information about your visitors
  2. To provide visitors with engaging content that is both useful and also trust building

Did you know: That companies with more than 30 Landing Pages generate 7 x more leads than those with fewer than 10. (Source: Hubspot)

What does a good landing page look like?

A good Landing Page should always feature:

  • A clean, simple stand alone web page (Stripped of all menus)
  • A clear and engaging headline promoting your offer (ie. Download our Free Recipe eBook)
  • Contact Form (Name, Email etc)
  • Concise body copy that explains why the free offer is worthwhile

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In it you will see how a business provides a valuable free content offer in exchange for collecting potential customers details.

So how do you get the most out of Business Landing Pages?

Successful Business Landing Pages are always be part of a carefully constructed Inbound Marketing plan.
Check out this blog for an overview of what Inbound Marketing is all about.
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