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How do Call To Actions generate leads?

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Aug 7, 2015
Kevin Fouche

Call to Actions play a crucial role in the online lead generation of many businesses. So what are Call to Actions and how do they generate leads for my business?

What are Call to Actions and how do they generate leads my business?

What are Call to Actions?

Call to Actions, or CTA's are effectively graphic or text buttons used on your website to call people's attention to a specific offer.

They are employed to kick off a thought process and direct people to where they will find what you are offering.
For example, a visitor may be browsing your website looking for information.

Your business, for example might place an exciting button saying "Click here to download our free guide to Woodwork". This then kick starts the customer journey, whereby they click through to your offer, and in the process give you their contact details.

CTA's are generally used as prompts to lead people to Landing Pages where they fill in their details to receive their free offer.

For an example of a CTA, simply look at the bottom of this blog.

How do Call To Actions generate leads?

So how do you get the most out of Call To Actions?

For Call to Actions to be effective for lead generation, they really need to be part of a well constructed Inbound Marketing plan.

Check out this blog for an overview of what Inbound Marketing is all about.
What is Inbound Marketing and how does it work?

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