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Harness the The Power Of Listening To Your Customers

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jun 6, 2017
Kevin Fouche

If you want to build a successful business in any industry, one of the most important things you have to do is listen to your customers. You can't assume that you know what's best for them. There are now more ways than ever to find out what your customers really think about your products and business. Learning how to master this skill is one of the secrets to attracting loyal customers. Here's why your business needs to Harness the The Power Of Listening.

Harness the The Power Of Listening To Your Customers

Why It's so Important to Listen to Your Customers 

Your customers are ultimately the most important people when it comes to the success of your business. The better you understand them, the more effectively you can serve them. There are several reasons for this. 

  • Improve your products and services. When you pay close attention to what customers say about your products, you can quickly make adjustments and improvements. You can add or remove features that people don't like.  
  • Ideas for new products. The more you learn about your customers' problems and concerns, the easier it is to design new products that serve their needs.  
  • Manage your reputation. Today's customers aren't inclined to keep their opinions to themselves. They often share their feelings, positive and negative, on social media and review sites. It's important to carefully monitor comments about your business to manage your reputation.
  • Create more focused content. When you listen to your customers, you learn what kind of content appeals to them. This helps you create the kind of content on your website, social media pages, and other platforms that your audience responds to.

How to Listen to Your Customers

The best way to engage with your customers depends a great deal on your business model. Obviously, a brick and mortar business such as a restaurant or auto sales center will interact differently with customers than an e-commerce site or a provider of digital services such as SEO or web design. However, there are certain strategies that you can apply to any type of business.

  • Surveys. You can hand out printed surveys, send them via email or conduct them by phone. Don't forget to ask what customers like as well as what they don't like. 
  • Train sales and customer support staff to listen. Make sure that your sales reps, whether they talk to customers in person, online, or on the phone, don't do all the talking. When they listen and report back, you can learn a lot, even from people who don't buy from you. It's equally important for customer support staff to listen well and take note of common customer complaints.
  • Monitor your social media pages. Social media provides one of the best ways to elicit customer feedback. You can, of course, use surveys on social media sites such as Facebook. You can also create posts that invite people to give their honest opinions. Social media also lets customers reach out and make unsolicited comments on your pages. Make sure you read all questions and comments and reply to them.
  • Social listening. With Social listening or social monitoring, you don't wait for customers to come to your Facebook page or other sites. You actively seek your audience and find out what they're talking about. This might be on social sites, blogs, forums, or review sites. When appropriate, you engage with people. However, the main point is to observe and listen to what they're saying, not only about your brand but also about the competition and your industry.

Your customer listening skills go a long way towards building a successful business. It's always better to find out directly from customers what they prefer rather than making assumptions. This helps you identify patterns and make continuous improvements to your products, customer service, and all areas of your business. 

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