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Elements Of Effective Inbound Marketing

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Oct 26, 2015
Kevin Fouche

To succeed in online marketing you need to absorb the best practices and strategies that will be effective not just today but in the years to come.

This is where effective inbound marketing comes into the picture.

Elements Of Effective Inbound MarketingInbound marketing has gained some major traction in past years for good reason. Traditional outbound marketing approaches like cold-calling or television advertisements are either too expensive or unwieldy for smaller brands and start-ups to effectively implement. Because inbound marketing techniques can be applied to any business of any size and type, it makes applicable sense for everyone.

Inbound marketing has the ability to take a small company no one's ever heard of before and turn it into an overnight internet sensation. Even with this said it's important to keep in mind that inbound marketing is not just a 'secret sauce' containing a list of effective practices, but it's more of an encompassing approach.

Let's take a look at a few of the all-important elements that go into creating an effective inbound marketing strategy. 

Elements Of Effective Inbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing Is Broken

The traditional outbound marketing play book is dying. Why? Well, for starters nearly every internet user,91% exactly, are prone to unsubscribe from a company's email newsletter, limiting the potential of email marketing.

Two out of three people who record television programs do so solely for the purpose of skipping over annoying advertisements, hurting the effectiveness that T.V. advertisements once had.

Over 200 million Americans have registered on the FTC's "Do Not Call" list to avoid cold-calls, which is about 2/3 of the country's citizens. 

We're showing these statistics to prove that the way consumers shop and make purchases has drastically changed. And so businesses must adapt in order to survive and thrive.

Become Remarkable

Consider the number of television channels you have and then think about the number of total websites and social media sites that fight for your attention every day.

That's a lot of clutter, right? Well, it's the same way for your customers. Simply put, it's not enough to just throw out content, you need a way to break through that clutter. Your site needs to consistently feed customers educational, inspiring, and entertaining content.

Take a step back from talking about your brand and its products or services. Stop trying to constantly sell, sell, sell. Your sites content needs to invoke a reaction or emotional response. A good way to do this is to create intriguing dialogues and meaningful discussions by leveraging emotions like controversy or sympathy.

The point is you need to create truly remarkable content to grab the customers attention. And you definitely need their attention if you hope to create and implement an effective inbound marketing strategy. Strive to be remarkable in everything your business does. From social media posts to product descriptions and Youtube videos, content should be on-point and with a fiery purpose.

Your Website Is A Hub - Not A Megaphone

Some business owners make the mistake of thinking their website is a broadcasting channel meant for a mass of people. It's good to think big, but bring it down a notch.

Pretend everything on your site is designed for a small group of people who are in the know. Even though you might be in a large industry like technology, be conversational and not so serious with the way your website and its content is presented.

Inbound marketing relies on tone, conversation, presentation and most importantly - people!

Instead of finding ways to impress competitors and customers, find ways to turn content into an experience the target customer will enjoy and would want to share.

Never yell through a megaphone, shouting instructions on the optimal way to do this or that, but instead, create the entire website experience with individuals in mind, which is way easier when you have the right help.

A conversation will always trump a message, and your site's web experience should be curated accordingly. 

The Perfect The Call To Action

You do all the right things: You found someone to create killer content that strikes conversations with consumers. Your social media followers and subscribers are increasing by the week. Through your awesome-ness you have naturally accumulated back links from competitors and industry leaders, bringing up your search engine ranking.

And while all this traffic and attention is outstanding, you're sales are stale. You wonder why. You hire someone to look over your website and your inbound marketing efforts to see where you're going wrong.

You're suddenly hit with a bombshell: You completely forgot about the call to action!

Your world goes black and you wonder how you could have possibly forgotten something so fundamentally important, something the rest of your inbound marketing strategy heavily relies on!

Ahhhhh! The anguish!

The call to action is a sign post telling customers where they should go next. Without it they get lost, confused and scurry away to a competitors website. Perfecting the call to action requires creating a seamless experience for the customer.

If a visitor comes to your website, goes to your blog and wants to read similar content, they should have absolutely no problem doing so. They should not have to poke and prod tab after tab looking for similar content.

It should be right in their face! 

Make it ridiculously easy for them to subscribe to your newsletter, find your social media channels, look at similar products, find pricing information, see upcoming sales and promotions, and see similar products related to their recent purchase.

The call to action is all about guiding consumers through the maze and hoping your other inbound marketing efforts are enough to close the sale.

Remember, it's not enough to just optimise your site for search, it has to be optimised for action.

Successfully implementing an inbound marketing strategy on a large scale requires a specific skill set and plenty of experience. Even if marketing isn't your speciality, it's good to know the basics of inbound marketing and how it can dramatically increase a brands online reach and maximise growth potential. 

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