There are many reasons why people now prefer to shop from home. First and foremost, online shopping is more convenient. E-commerce Website Photo TipsYou don’t have to get dressed, travel to the store you want to buy from, hunt down your size in the outfit you want to buy, stand in long lines to try it on and then go back home with aching feet.

You can just buy what you want from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is click on a few buttons to get a good picture of what you want to buy and choose the size in which you want to buy it.

However, not all online shops do equally well. The reason behind this is that you can’t always see the item you’re trying to buy clearly on the internet. Plus, you don’t always know if the item is good quality, based on the photograph.

Images are really important for ecommerce web design; here are a few tips for shooting photos for your ecommerce website:

E-commerce Website Photo Tips

  1. Crisp colours:
    One of the main things that attracts the eye about an image is the colour. People tend to pass over images with dull colours or colours that blend into each other. They’ll stop to look at images where the colours are bright and distinct from each other.

    For example, if an image features a white shirt and a black skirt, it’s going to be a lot more eye-catching than an image with a dark grey shirt and a light grey skirt. There needs to be contrast between the various colours of an image in order to catch the customer’s eye.

  2. Human Presence:
    Another thing that attracts the eye a lot is the human presence. A customer is going to be a lot more likely to look at an image which features a model, male or female, as opposed to an image which only features the product. You can’t tell anything about the way a shirt fits just by seeing it flat on a table. You need to be able to see it on a model to know whether it’s really flattering.

    The same goes for other items of clothing, accessories and even items for the home. People are more likely to look at an image of a chef holding a knife than the knife alone. So try to use appropriate models in everything you take pictures of for your website.

  3. Close Ups:
    A close up of the item you’re trying to sell may not necessarily attract the eye but it can reassure the customer about the quality of the product. It’s often possible to make things look nicer than they are by photographing them a certain way.

    And most internet-savvy customers have become aware of this fact. So they look for close ups to see whether the material really looks good or to make sure that the table is really made of solid wood. Providing your potential customers with at least one close up of each item is therefore a good idea.

  4. Angles:
    Another thing you might want to do to boost your sales is take photos of the same product from various angles. Most women know that a skirt looks different from the front and from the back. And they want to make sure that the skirt they’re planning to buy is going to look good from both sides.

    In a store, you can make sure that the skirt fits well by trying it on and looking at it from all the mirrors in a fitting room. But when you’re shopping online, it helps to have photos of the same item from various angles to help you decide whether you want to buy it.

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