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Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Nov 26, 2015
Kevin Fouche

Many people begin their digital marketing endeavour with a lot of enthusiasm. After all, we’ve all heard that digital marketing is the future.  The internet is the future.  And we all want to keep up with it. 

We don’t want to keep following the same old marketing methods we’ve been using for years and years. 

10 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid

Once you’ve started marketing and advertising on the internet, people all over the world are going to have access to your website and social media pages. 

If you have an e-commerce-enabled website, people all over the world will also be able to buy your product. 

But before you begin your digital marketing efforts, keep in mind the following 10 digital marketing mistakes every business must avoid.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes

1. Using Only One Platform

Sometimes, businesses set up websites on the internet and mistakenly think that this will be enough to get the word out about their product or service.  But if you really want to be successful, you can’t limit yourself to a website or a social media page.  You need to have at least a few different platforms to launch your product or company.

2. Using Too Many Platforms

One the other hand, there are companies who’ll set up every kind of social media page that they possibly can.  This is spreading yourself too thin.  And the problem is that you’re not going to have time to update all of these pages.  So it’s better to just have one website, a blog and two social media pages.

3. Using Platforms that Aren’t Right for Your Business

Different businesses appeal to different demographics.  If you are running a head-hunting agency, you’ll absolutely need to have a LinkedIn page.  But if you are running a nail spa, LinkedIn may not be the right place for your business.  So do some research about the types of social media pages that will work for you.

4. Not Updating

The internet is not a static place.  It’s constantly changing.  New material is being added and old material is being removed.  If all your competitors are constantly adding new material to their websites and social media pages, it’s incumbent upon you to do the same, if you want to keep up.

5. Not Revamping Your Website

There are a number of trends that keep coming up in website design.  New types of graphics are being used.  New types of layouts are becoming popular.  If your website has an old-fashioned look, you’ll need to revamp it or else, it will send out the wrong message about your company.

6. Not Using Quality Content

As with other types of marketing, there are two options in digital marketing as well.  You can go for the “get rich quick” type of content which will get you a lot of hits now but won’t do much for you in the long run.  For example, you could attract people by using celebrity names and overusing the words “free” and “zero.”  You’ll probably get a lot of visitors right away but none of them will come back when they find that you just tricked them into coming to your website.  On the other hand, if you use well-written, quality content, you’ll slowly but steadily develop a readership that will be loyal to you.

7. Overusing Keywords

To many people, the internet is still a mystery and they don’t understand how to attract visitors to their website using SEO.  They still think that stuffing a bunch of keywords into their website and blog will result in higher rankings but this isn’t true any more.  It’s a better idea to use keywords sparingly and write in a natural way.

8. Not Considering Your Demographic

You need to set up a website that is geared towards your audience.  If your audience consists of teenagers, go for a young, playful look.  If your audience consists of middle-aged professionals, go for a more serious look.

9. Not Setting Defined Goals

When you set up a digital presence, you need to know exactly what you’re aiming for.  Do you want to increase sales?  Improve your reputation?  Establish your brand?  Let your digital marketing agency know exactly what you’re going for so that they can help you move in that direction.

10. Losing Track

It’s not enough to merely define your goals.  You also have to keep track of how far you’ve come.  It’s a good idea to get monthly or quarterly reports on the progress you’re making.  These can include the number of visitors to your website or social media, the comments or reviews you’ve received and the number of visitors who end up buying something from you.  Once you’re clear about where you are, you’ll also know where you need to go.

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