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Digital Marketing Agency vs Inhouse

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Feb 19, 2016
Kevin Fouche

Digital marketing is critical for your company. You know that you need to have a strong online presence in order to effectively reach as many customers as possible.

Deciding whether you want to do your marketing in-house or use a digital marketing agency, however, is a completely different struggle.

Digital Marketing Agency vs Inhouse

While the ultimate decision of whether to use a digital marketing agency or an in-house team is up to you, there are several factors that may contribute heavily to your decision. 

Digital Marketing Agency vs Inhouse

Digital marketing agencies offer expertise on the latest, the greatest, and everything in the field. 
Anyone you hire for your company is unlikely to be an expert in every aspect of digital marketing. Instead, they've probably chosen to focus on a couple of key areas. While that works fine in a large team, a smaller marketing department will require each member to work in areas where they might not be as strong--and that might be a detriment to your marketing plan.

When you choose a digital marketing agency instead, on the other hand, you're getting a team of experts who keep their finger on the pulse of the latest developments in every aspect of digital marketing. 

Access to your marketing department is easier when you keep an in-house team. 
It can be much easier to arrange for meetings, discuss new concepts, or "pop in" to discuss a shift in the marketing plan when your digital marketing department is right down the hall. Accessing a digital marketing company is as simple as sending an email or making a phone call, but face-to-face conversations are much more limited.

An in-house team is also more likely to have a full, developed understanding of your business. While you can bring an agency up to speed, that in-house team is already on the same page you are. 

Digital marketing agencies are ultimately less expensive than an in-house team.
When it comes down to the bottom line--how much it's going to cost--going with a digital marketing agency will probably cost your business a lot less than hiring a large in-house team to handle all your digital marketing needs. An in-house team will require you to pay for benefits like insurance and paid time off, maintain office space for them, and handle sick days.

With a digital marketing agency, you'll see a higher quality of unbroken service, uninterrupted by illness or vacations, for a lower overall cost.

A small business, on the other hand, might be able to get away with paying a single individual to be in charge of handling digital marketing, which can be less expensive than retaining the services of an agency.

Digital marketing agencies are focused on digital marketing trends and styles; in-house teams are focused on your company.
The biggest difference between outsourcing your digital marketing and using an in-house team is the focus of the marketer. For a digital marketing company, your business is one of many that they're currently working to build up. They'll put forth their best efforts for you, using the strategies they've learned to full advantage. When creativity is required, they'll use it, and when recycling an existing plan will suffice, they'll try that, too.

An in-house team, on the other hand, will be focused solely on marketing your company. They might not have the latest information in the field, nor will they be fluent in every style of digital marketing, but they will nonetheless provide a quality marketing plan that is based specifically on the needs and preferences of your business. 

Ultimately, only you can decide whether your business needs a dedicated in-house marketing team or a digital marketing company that will help push your marketing strategies to the next level.

If you're ready to learn more information about outsourced marketing, however, contact us. We'll help you make the most of your business's digital marketing dollar.

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