The digital landscape is becoming increasingly crowded. As even small businesses have established an online presence, and consumers have moved to the web as their primary research mechanism to make purchasing decisions.

Standing out online has become the most important marketing challenge for brands in any industry.How to be a Content Marketing King

Standing out, of course, can be difficult. More than 1 billion websites exist in the world today, and a new one is added to that pool every second of every day. How do you ensure that your audience sees not just that noise, but targeted messages from your brand?

The answer: an effective content marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out how your content allows you to be king in the eyes of your audience.

How to be a Content Marketing King

Content Marketing, Defined

The Content Marketing Institute defines the concept as follows:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

In other words, it's an alternative approach to promoting your brand. Rather than pushing promotional messages to your audience in hopes of gaining attention, you publish relevant and high-quality content that establishes credibility and pulls your audience into your website. 

Understanding the Success of Content Marketing

The concept of content marketing works works because of the increasing marketing fatigue of internet users. Tired of being bombarded by banner ads and promotional emails, they are beginning to tune out these types of push marketing. More than 420 million global users now block ads on their mobile devices.

Enter content marketing, an opportunity to cut through the clutter. Brands who use content-based marketing have between 6 and 7 times higher transaction rates than those who don't, while 87% of B2B buyers state that brand content plays a crucial part in their buying decision and vendor selection process.

In other words, content marketing has quickly ascended to the throne of online marketing strategies. Focusing on compelling content rather than promotional messages can help you stand out online, both among your competitors and the general clutter of the web.

Integrating Content into Your Online Presence

Of course, you can only be successful in this medium if you can integrate different types of content into your marketing strategy. Content is a general term, and one that can be quite vague as it relates to online marketing. Here are just a few of the most successful types of content to use in marketing:

  • Blog posts, which can help you raise your thought leadership and credibility in industry-specific topics while simultaneously improving your search engine optimisation for targeted terms and phrases.
  • Long-form written content, such as e-books and white papers, which you can gate behind a sign-up form to optimise your lead generation.
  • Visual content, such as videos and info graphics, which convey important and relevant information to your audience in a compelling and attractive format.

To integrate these types of content into your online presence, you need a website that can accommodate them. Even simple photos and graphics, featured prominently on your website, can help drive conversions and increase audience goodwill.

But only a strategic approach that incorporates as many of the above types of content into your online presence as possible can allow you to become king and take advantage of this marketing strategy.

In todays business environement, your website should not merely be an information dissemination tool. Instead, it needs to be a content marketing machine, both attracting your customers to your online presence and guiding them through the conversion process on their way to becoming customers.

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