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Get Over the Advantage Line with Competitive Website Design

Posted by Kevin Fouche on May 3, 2016
Kevin Fouche

There are many advantages to taking your business online. Not only does it help you with your marketing needs, it can also increase your sales directly if you use e-commerce. Plus, you get to improve your company image and develop your brand. But how can you stay one step ahead of your competitors?

Get Over the Advantage Line with Competitive Website Design

Being able to do all these things at a low price gives you a great advantage, even if you’re competing with larger companies. Smaller book stores can develop niche markets which will help them to compete with larger book stores. Mom-and-pop restaurants can get an online ordering app and compete with fancy restaurants in the neighbourhood.

If your competitors aren’t particularly bigger than you, you can destroy the level playing field and get over the advantage line with Competitive Website Design.

Here are a few tips to help you do so:

  1. Give Clear Information: The number one thing you can do to get an edge over your competitors and appeal to your customers is to provide clear information. You’d be surprised how many times people go to a website and it’s not clear to them which link they should click on to get the information they need. Sometimes, this is because websites use jargon to impress customers (this usually has the opposite effect). Sometimes, it’s just because the website is disorganised. So get a good website designer who knows what they’re doing and develop a clear, organised website.

  2. Get Cutting Edge Modern Design: Maybe your website is very organised but it’s also very boring! Nowadays, people are seeing a lot of innovation in terms of internet marketing as well as other types of advertising. So why would they stop to look at an old-fashioned website with blocks of text, dull colours and uninspiring images? Speak to your web designer to get eye-catching images and ask them to break up the text so that it’s simple and easy to read. Just make sure that your modern design doesn’t end up taking too long to load or it won’t serve its purpose.

  3. Make it Mobile Responsive: Nowadays, more and more people are accessing websites on the go. And still, most websites are shockingly mobile un-responsive! Try accessing your website on your phone when you’re on the bus or in a train. How long does it take to load? How do the pictures look? This will help you to figure out whether you need to ask your web designer to streamline it.

  4. Make it Social Media Compatible: How many times have you read a certain article and thought about a friend or family member who could benefit from it, only there’s no way to share that article on social media? When your website isn’t social media compatible, you’re losing out on a number of customers. You’re losing out on the possibility of going viral.

  5. Make it Ecommerce-Enabled: Are your competitors selling their products online? In that case, you know that they’re accessing a much bigger market than you. You might only be selling your products in your local area while they may be selling all over the world. You may not think that getting an ecommerce-enabled website is going to benefit you greatly. However, if you couple ecommerce with a great internet marketing strategy, you will definitely see some results.

  6. Appeal to the Right Demographic: Let’s say that you and your competitor are producing something very similar. However, their product might be the type that appeals to a slightly older demographic while yours appeals to a younger demographic. In that case, you need to make sure that all your content is geared towards that younger demographic. Make sure you use the right type of language, images and references to speak to the customers you want to attract.

  7. Give Good Customer Service: You can one-up your competitors by providing better customer service, online and over the phone. First, you need to make sure that your website is in good shape and provides all the information needed. Secondly, put together a helpful FAQ page so that people can get responses to most of their questions right away. You can also have someone available to respond to customer questions via chat or at least respond to emails right away. If customers have to wait a long time to get their questions answered, they are likely to go somewhere else.

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