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Investment vs Cost: How Do You View Your Business Website?

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Feb 9, 2016
Kevin Fouche

Building the perfect website is never easy and often takes a lot of funds that smaller businesses just don’t have. In some cases, businesses need to invest thousands of dollars to see the payout that they want. Is it worth it?

Investment vs Cost: How Do You View Your Business Website?

Breaking Down the Cost of a Business Website

When you first start budgeting for your website, you will need to explore a variety of web services and compare prices. While a flat fee can seem really attractive, you will also need to consider things like domain name registration, which adds to the cost. Break down the individual costs of services and add them up so you can properly weigh the cost of website ownership.

So...How Do  You View Your Business Website?

Here are just some things to consider: 

  • Domain name – You need a unique website address so that people can find you easier. Ideal names should be either a keyword or your business name. Remember, more popular names often cost more money, but can rope in more traffic.

  • Hosting – You will need a place to put your content. Avoid using free or cheap hosting services, as they often have content or advertising restrictions. Paid service also offer additional storage space, security and have more personalised options to fit your needs.

  • Design template – Your website needs a custom look to set it apart from the competition. Never use a free template for your website, as potential customers can confuse you for someone else. Hire a private web designer to ensure that your look is truly unique and a good fit for your image.

  • Logo design – Your logo might be the first thing people see when they visit your site. Invest in a logo design that you can use to build your brand. Create something distinct and be sure to place it on your website, social media accounts and more.

  • Content – No one is going to visit a boring website that has nothing to offer them. You need to budget for your content needs, both starting and ongoing.

  • Search Engine optimisation – Investing in professional SEO services can help more people find your website, making your investment more worthwhile. The best SEO services will help you understand what you need to do in the future to keep getting high traffic to your website.

After you have broken down these costs, add up the total and make sure that the amount is manageable. For beginners, try to create a website that will last your business for at least 3 years. This could easily cost less than $3,000, or less than $3 per day.

Is a Business Website More than an Expense?

When considering investment versus cost: How does your business view your website? Businesses who think of a website as just another expense aren't going to be as successful online as those who put forth the time, effort and money into building their site.

The truth is that websites have the power to boost exposure for your company and help you establish your brand online. They can help enhance your overall sales, but only when built properly. Invest as much time as possible into your website to get the best results.

What to Do When Cost Outweighs Results

If your website does start to cost more than the money it makes, it isn't a total waste. One of the biggest benefits of working online is that you are able to make changes at any time. For example, if you aren't getting the traffic you want, you can easily try posting additional content or investing in AdWords. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to website creation and marketing. It can take time to find the perfect formula for success.

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